Nail Polish and Wine

H and I finally went to the design center yesterday to pick out all the interior details for our house. We were there for almost 4 hours picking out counter tops, cabinets, carpets, tiles, grout, chandeliers, fixtures, etc...

Our entire home will be painted this color with the white trim and moldings. We'll paint rooms ourselves along the way with actual colors once we're settled in.

This is the tile we chose for the kitchen and bathrooms. We wanted something more neutral and not too light, but not too dark.

We chose Golden Echoes for our carpet in the living area and bedrooms. Again we wanted something not too light but not too dark. We have cream carpets at our apartment right now and they get dirty so quick with us and our dog, I can't imagine how much worse they'd be with kids. So we were planning ahead. 

This was the granite we chose for the kitchen to go with our black and maroon theme. 

We both feel great about our choices and can't wait to see it all come together. We're so excited and are starting to get impatient. 

Now to change gears... it's Thursday and it's almost the weekend. H and I were tempted to go to Happy Hour tonight for a few drinks but we both ended up getting in a good work out and relaxing. I decided to unwind after dinner with a glass of Riesling and painting my nails... FINALLY! 

I've had Riesling several times at different wine tastings, but I always default to merlot or pinot grigio when buying a bottle of wine to enjoy at home. So, I decided to switch it up and finally try out a bottle of Riesling. So, I picked up a bottle at Target for only $7.99 and it was delicious! I could really taste the pears and apricots and even H enjoyed a glass. 

I picked up a bottle of Essie's Sugar Daddy at Target today (starting to recognize my obsession with Target?) 

It's a lot lighter than I expected, but I was just looking for a glossy pale pink and that's what I got. I love it, it's very light but still beautiful. I put on 3 coats, but maybe a 4th would have made it a little darker. What colors do you like to paint your nails?


  1. I love Riesling in the summer with a spash of seltzer and some berries. mmm.

    I'm always drawn to darker colors for my nails. Merlot, navy, and colors like that. However, I love light and refreshing colors once its flip flop weather. Once that weather hits, I'll probably be reaching for colors like cajun shrimp (OPI) or a bright berry color!

    Ohh! I bought a pretty pastel purple last year for spring and I get tons of compliments everytime I wear it!

  2. Yum! Riesling is my new favorite, I just picked up a new bottle last night!

    I've been hearing a lot about the Cajun Shrimp color by OPI too and I may have to indulge and pick up a bottle of that too.

  3. You know me,. I have always like crazy colors for my nails! I will be the 50 year old with black nail polish on someday.

    Your nails are SO SQUARE! I am jealous!!

  4. Haha those aren't my nails, that's a photo of the Essie color on google images. I am able to make my nails square like that though by growing them out, clipping them with nail clippers, and then filing them down a little bit.

  5. Oh! LOL! Well, they honestly look like your hands! I can only get mine so square, but never like that! They seem to naturally grow rounded.