The rest of this week was quite eventful. I've been telling people that I can't imagine how anyone can plan a wedding and buy a house at the same time. My H and I have been going through so much stress with our new house being built. It's like deja vu from this time last year when we were getting down to the last few months before the wedding. Oy the stress! Hats off to those of you who balanced both at the same time. But it's all worth it, and we stopped by our dirt lot this weekend and took pictures of our lot and our sold sign. Very exciting!

It's amazing to think that empty lot will have our home on it all ready for us in the next few months. We couldn't be happier and are eagerly awaiting to watch the progress and move in.

Moving down here has opened up so many doors for us from enjoying the outdoors all year round to buying our first home that will be our forever home to us both finally working at jobs that we are both very happy at. My office had it's kick off this week and after being in meetings all day, we were treated to going to see the Magic play. What a great evening, we were in one of the luxury suites and the Magic won by a lot! 

Saturday night, my H and I stayed in and got a bottle of my favorite.. Skinny Girl Margarita and had a Netflix night. It's so good and I love how it's so much better for you then regular margaritas. It's made with agave instead of sour mix so it has far less calories and isn't as indigestion inducing. All we were missing was some freshly made guacamole!

This morning before my H and I went out for the day I decided to try out my new dry shampoo. I keep reading about it and wanted to try it out for myself. So I didn't wash my hair and sprayed it with the dry shampoo, waited 2 minutes and then brushed it through and styled as usual. It worked great, I instantly noticed that my hair looked fresh and smelled great too. But by the time we got back home later that afternoon I was more than ready to wash my hair. My official review on it is that it's a great quick fix, but it's not something I can use as a substitution all day in lieu of washing my hair. I have very fine hair, so I can't get away with it as easily as girls with thicker hair that doesn't get oily as easily.

I also started using Tresemme's volumizing mousse before I blow dry my hair and I've noticed a difference in how much body I have. Again just like with the dry shampoo it's great in the beginning, but it doesn't last all day. Any suggestions on a great volumizing mousse or dry shampoo I could try and maybe have better luck with?

Now on to my last beauty experiment. I finally got a Clarisonic after being overly frustrated with my recent breakouts (never really dealt with bad skin but now in my mid-late 20's it's been horrible). I first tried Proactiv and it worked great in the beginning, but still didn't clear me up completely, but after a month or so it started to get really bad again. So I decided to purchase a Clarisonic and cross my fingers that I wouldn't experience the "Clarisonic purge". Well after the first few washes, my face felt amazing. So soft and it was much fresher looking. About a week into it, I started to notice the purge and that I was breaking out pretty bad. It's been about another week and a half and I'm definitely still experiencing a purge, but it seems to be easing up thankfully. I'll post updates on how my skin is doing and hopefully it'll continue to clear up as the Clarisonic pulls out all the "crap" that's been underneath my skin that regular facial cleansing wasn't taking care of on it's own.
I've been using my Clarisonic with Clean & Clear Advantage face wash, but I'd also like to try Philosophy's Purity.

Now I'm going to cap off the weekend with H and watch the NBA All Star Game. Go East!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about your house! DH and I would love to buy land and build a house, but we just don't know much about it.

    I've also used the same dry shampoo, and I feel the same way. Short term fix.

  2. I'll definitely post updates about the house. I'm eventually going to start a tab that'll show the progress being made. All we have right now is land, since they haven't broken ground yet, but that'll be exciting!

    We didn't know much about building either, but one of the girls I work with just finished the process and highly recommended it. So we realized we'd be spending the same amount for a pre-owned home and then need to spend more to upgrade certain areas so we knew building was much more cost effective.

    You could start by googling builders in the area and see where new communities are being built. Then go down and visit with one of their reps and tour the model home and go from there

  3. exciting that you're building a house! Definitely a dream of mine! I've wondered about those skinny girl margaritas! WIll have to try it sometime!

  4. Definitely try the Skinny Girl Margarita! They're so yummy and guilt free. Even my H loves them though I'm sure he'll be upset for me letting out his secret ;0)

  5. I tried the tresemme dry shampoo too and was not happy with it. My hair is thin, but coarse, so when I straighten it I want to make sure I get the most out of it! I got fed up with washing it everyday. My hair oily, so it gets nasty. I saw this product in Avon called Maximum volume/next day spray. I spray it on and blow dry my roots and it seems to do a pretty good job. The other thing that works is baby powder!!

  6. Thanks for the Avon Maximum req! I'll have to look into that. I've tried baby powder in the past, I just don't like the smell, I'm weird like that.