Beautiful Weekend

This past weekend was just amazing! The weather here was unbelievably gorgeous! I came home Friday after work and did my 30 Day Shred work out, then showered and started making the buffalo chicken dip for the b-day party. As I predicted, the dip was a huge hit, you can never go wrong with that recipe!

Saturday was even more beautiful than Friday was, so we went to the beach for the first time this year with some friends. It was so nice to put on a bathing suit and lay in the sand hanging out with good friends. LOVED it! We went home and showered and ended up going back to the beach.. but a different beach with another couple and got sandwiches and had some wine at a table near the water and then walked up and down the boardwalk and  capped off the night with some ice cream. What a perfect day! After a long winter, this was a long time coming..

Sunday, we went to church, and then my fiance went off to the movies with some of the guys, and I went shopping with one of my best friends on the hunt for a dress for my bridal shower which is in a few weeks. We stopped in Express, Charlotte Russe, and Macys before I found a super cute dress for super cheap at Forever 21.

I also got the necklace there and another top that I wore to work today..such great deals!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge environmentalist.. I cringe when people throw paper or plastic in the garbage. Plus the makeup I wear  is MAC Cosmetics, so I'm in love thinking about their recycling program. If you bring back 6 empty MAC containers they will give you a free lipstick. (I used to get free eyeshadow by going to the actual MAC store, but if you go to the kiosks inside department stores, you can only trade them in for a lipstick.) So, I chose a new lipstick that wasn't too "in your face" since I prefer the more natural look when it comes to my lips.

I chose the lipstick shade  Creme  Sheen  and it's  beautiful. I also wanted t o finally get some primer because my makeup always seems to mysteriously disappear and my makeup artist for the wedding told me I should use primer. So, I asked the consultant at MAC about primer and she gave me a sample of the Prep & Prime Skin primer and I used it today and LOVED it. I will definitely be purchasing that at my next trip to the mall. I love free stuff! 

Last but certainly not least, what would a trip to the mall be without a trip to Victoria's Secret? I picked up a bottle of their new Keep Glowing Tan Extend Body Moisturizer by Beach Sexy to put on after a day in the sun at the beach to moisturize your skin and keep that beachy glow. Its smells great! It has a very similar smell to Clinique Happy. I also got a free pair of VS panties with a coupon, they always send me coupons so I've scored a bunch of free stuff from them over the years. More freebies! :0)

I also received my party dress for the bachelor/bachelorette party bus trip to the casino next month in the mail from Body Central. I absolutely LOVE Body Central, they have a lot of great party tops and dresses for cheap. I normally order stuff that are "deals of the week". Right before we went on a cruise last fall, I ordered 3 great dresses for only $9 each during a sale. Below is the dress for the bachelorette, it's a silver bubble hem party dress and fits great!


  1. I love MAC! Can I ask you how long it takes you to go through the studio fix? I use the studio tech. Just curious. Just started using it in December.

  2. Wow Potato I'm sorry I'm only seeing this comment now..

    It usually takes me about 2 or 3 months to go through the Studio Fix. I'm getting low on my current compact which I purchased before Christmas. So they do last a while and are definitely worth the money.