Weekend Wrap Up

Another one bites the dust... yep that's how I feel every week *sigh*

H and I decided to skip happy hour on Friday and went to Target in search of Christmas decorations for our upcoming 1st annual Christmas party here at the house. I kinda want to go all out, so this is probably going to get dangerous! Their Christmas section is up and running but it's not all out yet since there are still several aisles devoted to the leftover Halloween stuff that's now on clearance. *LOVE Target*

Saturday, we went to our friend's housewarming party at their beautiful new home.

I made these little signs for the food so that the hostess wouldn't be bothered all night with people asking her what was what. Everyone thought it was a Pinterest idea, but nope it's just a Kate idea :)

She did a great job on the food, everything was delish! My favorite was how she displayed the napkins and silverware in paint chips she picked up at Home Depot. 

Good times with good friends

Is it Christmas already? Haha.. our pants looked like Christmas colors together. Mine are from Target and she said hers were from Express in case you're looking for a pair of great fitting colored skinnies ;)

The happy couple in their beautiful new home

Today, H and I worked on the house a little. We decided the living room looked really nak-ee and was past due to get some curtains. 

Still looks pretty nak-ee

Much better! Of course we got the rods and the curtains at Target.. where else? :-P


  1. Target = the best!

    Have you tried the Clear sample yet from the Target beauty bag? I may go buy it simply because it smells SO good. lol

  2. New follower from the GFC Blog Hop! Looks like you had a busy weekend! Target is my downfall... I can ALWAYS find something I need there!

    Would love for you to stop by!


  3. omg target is the best!! love the pics!