Happy Friday!

TGIF! I'm always happy for the weekend, but knowing that we're going into a short week next week makes it even better!

Tonight, we're going to a benefit hosted by H's work. Last year it was a lot of fun.. open bar, good food, black jack tournaments, what's not to love? Looking forward to dressing up and hob-nobbing with high society tonight. We'll be the regular people at the bar trying to convince the bartender to make us shots (hey it worked last year! lol) *hides in the corner in shame* Last year, I felt like I was at a party from The O.C. being outdoors on the water in late fall at a benefit for a good cause minus the punches being thrown by Ryan Atwood. Awesomeness... 

Tomorrow, we have a b-day dinner for one of our friends and a night out downtown. I plan on finally breaking out my faux leather leggings 

I also totally plan on taking advantage of Starbucks Buy One Get One holiday drinks this weekend.... of course in the oh so exciting red cups!! That makes me a happy girl!

Don't forget to take advantage of this yummy deal this weekend!

Sunday, I'm looking forward to relaxing and maybe just maybe... I'll finally get around to making those clicky sparkly links up at the top actually connected to something. Wouldn't that be nice? I've been majorly slacking on finishing my page since my the re-design. * embarrassed* You all need to hold me accountable! ;)


  1. Have fun tonight! When I saw that picture I definitely thought of LC and The Hills. Ha. And I would've been right next to you at the bar, trying to get shots. ;)

    I'm dragging the husband tomorrow to starbucks. One, because I want to try the peppermint mocha for the first time ever. And two, because of the awesome b1g1 deal. But let's face it. I'd pay the overpriced amount anyway.

    Have fun this weekend!


  2. Oh I forgot about the B1G1 at Starbucks! Thanks for the reminder. Ryan and I will definitely have to do that after church Sunday...

    Have fun tonight! I miss having reasons to really dress up.

  3. that party looks amazing! I want to come!! :) You better post an instagram pic of your outfit!!

  4. i love my "leather" leggings! they're fun to wear. post pics of your outfit!