Leibster Award

Every time I hear Leibster I think Leap Frog :-P

The fabulous Pam and Jen nominated me for a Leibster Blog Award recently. If you haven't already definitely go check out Pam, her blog features all her amazing travels and haul videos.. girl knows how to shop! :)

Also, make sure to check out Jen too! She's super sweet and she's a chef so she posts some of the yummiest recipes! I'm talking better than Pinterest ladies!

The Liebster award is given by fellow bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.
And now for the rules:
Each person must post 11 things about themselves 
Answer the questions that the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer. 
Choose 11 people and link them in your post. 
Go to their page and tell them. 
No tag backs!  

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I was a dancer for 13 years while growing up. My mom has a crap-ton of sealed bins filled with dance and gymnastics costumes.

2. I actually enjoy cleaning and cooking/baking I've been called Monica Geller on a number of occasions.

3. I went to private school for most of grammar school, but ended up at a state university for college.

4. I played the violin at Carnegie Hall when I was 7, and my mom finally let me quit afterwards.

5. I'm allergic to shellfish and raw fruits and veggies... makes it hard to eat healthy or enjoy the restaurants down by the shore. Summers in Cape Cod used to be torture! 

6. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, but I looooove dark chocolate YUM!

7. I waited tables through college, and even worked at Abercrombie for a semester. I swear that place didn't reak of cologne as bad as it does now. Total overkill...

8. H and I have been all over the Caribbean and even to Fiji for our honeymoon, but haven't made it across the pond to Europe yet. That'll be changing this spring :-D

9. After living in FL for 2 years, I've already met 3 of the Magic players

1. Superman! Dwight Howard.. althought he is a traitor and went to LA this year boooo!
2. JJ Redick
3. Hedo Turkoglu.. I've now met him twice :)

10. I'm a Yankees fan since my dad is, so was his father, and his father before that. I bleed pinstripes! Now that my grandfather is gone, it means even more to keep the tradition going in our family of raising Yankees fans. The last song to play at our wedding was "New York" by Frank Sinatra... loved it!

11. I've never broken a bone or had surgery *knocks on wood* unless you count wisdom teeth extraction as surgery. 

Pam's Questions

1) What is the one beauty product you cannot live without? 
Urban Decay Primer Potion, my eyes still look fresh even after a long day/night.

2) If you could change anything about yourself what would it be and why? 
My hair.. it's super fine and has no pizazz :(

3) What did you want to be when you were a kid? 
An astronaut

4) Worst date ever story? 
Thankfully I don't have any horrendous date stories. However, I do remember freshman year of college I was on a date that was going horribly. It was a blind date, and he was shorter than me and I wore heels, he was super full of himself and just so cocky. Then when he was dropping me back off he hit a skunk and the car STUNK! Fantastic night cap! 

5) What was your first AIM screen name? 
I had a bunch of them but the one that sticks out the most was kutiesoh.

6) Who do you think is the prettiest Hollywood Actress? 
Emma Stone..love her! She's a breath of fresh air.

7) Hottest Actor? 
Channing Tatum

8) Have you ever met someone famous?
See above :)
I've also met a bunch of random Real World peeps, Steve-O, Terry Crews, Lo Bosworth, Ray J (gag), Flava Flav, Daniel Beddingfield (sp?), and Kerri Strug.

9) What is your favorite holiday? 
Christmas... can't wait to throw our first annual Christmas party at the house this year!

10) What is your ultimate favorite movie? 
A tie between Titanic, Wedding Crashers, and all the Harry Potters

11) Are you a spender or a saver? 
I try to be a saver, but I'm afraid I'm more of a spender :-P

Jen's Questions

1. What is your favorite part of your personality?
My sense of humor

2. What is your least favorite part of your personality?
I'm super outgoing around people I'm comfortable with, but if I'm the "new girl" I'm super shy.

3. Where is the best place you've ever traveled?
Fiji for our honeymoon :)

4. What is your favorite meal (entree and dessert)?
Anything Italian... YUMMMY! Pasta, baked anything with cheese, antipast salad, bruschetta, tiramisu, etc..

5. What is your favorite article of clothing you own?
My sundresses and my sparkly tops. Love that it's the holiday season so my sparkly tops will be appropriate!

6. If you could own any car, what would it be?
White Lexus RX330 Hybrid

7. If you could live anywhere in the US, where would it be?
I grew up in CT and always dreamed of living in sunny FL and my dream finally came true a little over 2 years ago. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

8. What is your greatest fear?
Death :(

9. What are your top 3 favorite movies (because, seriously, who can only pick one?)?

1. Titanic
2. Wedding Crashers
3. All Harry Potters

10. Who do you think is the sexiest man on the planet (other than your significant other)?
I plead the 5th!

11. What is the best book you have ever read?
Harry Potter series, Water for Elephants, Hunger Games..

Now it's time for me to tag some fabulous ladies!

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Now, it's time for my questions for you gals to answer!

1. Why did you begin your blog?

2. Who are your fav bloggy friends?

3. What is your favorite tv show from the 90's?

4. What's the most fun concert you've been to?

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

6. What did you or are you majoring in at school?

7. What is your favorite part about the upcoming holiday season?

8. Name 3 favorite blogs you look forward to reading each time you log in.

9. Favorite football team?

10. Sephora or Ulta? Why?

11. Will you be voting in the upcoming election next week?

Can't wait to see all your responses! Thanks again Pam for nominating me :)


  1. Okay, first- I love that you've been called Monica Gellar. I <3 her :)
    Second, how on earth have you met so many famous people!?
    Third, thanks for nominating me!!!

  2. This is great--I just got Water for Elephants from the library today! I'm even more excited to start it now :)

  3. Congrats on the award!! And thank you so much for nominating me!!!! I love the Yankees too!! Just like you my dad, my grandfather and so on ;-)

  4. Thanks for the nomination love! :)

    And I can't believe you've met so many famous people! lol