Sephora VIB Haul

I was super bummed this year that Sephora didn't have their annual Friends & Family sale.. well they did but it was only for friends and family of Sephora employees and not for all us regular peeps. Boooooo! But there was a silver lining.. if you are a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) they still offered us a 20% discount plus a free Sephora tote for a few days last week. I decided to place an order for myself and add a few gifts for others as well :)

The hair thickening spray is one of my beauty staples since my hair is super fine and lacks oomph *sigh* but the brush and the blush are both new and so far I'm loving both.

The brush is super soft and applies and blends my bronzer better than any brush I've used before

Also loving this blush! I've switched blushes A LOT. I used MAC's blush for years, and eventually switched to Sephora's "colorful blush" and then decided to try NARS Orgasm since everyone raves about it. I was meh about it and hit the pan pretty quickly so needless to say I was not impressed especially not for the price. Most recently, I wanted to try out ELF's baked blush (only sold online), but it was constantly sold out, and when it finally came back in stock I couldn't stomach the thought of paying 3 x's the amount of the product for shipping. So, I decided to try out Sephora's version and I have not been disappointed. It applies much nicer than any of the blushes I mentioned above and gives me warm glowy look which is what I love :)

I also picked up these Philosophy products as gifts. I gave the birthday girl set to my friend this past weekend, and plan on gifting the gingerbread house as part of a Christmas gift to SIL. Who doesn't love yummy smelling bubble bath?

My free VIB tote :)

I could have done A LOT more damage, but with Christmas right around the corner and all the things H and I are trying to get done around the house I decided to behave myself. Be proud!


  1. tons of fun stuff! that brush looks awesome!!
    Helene in Between

  2. I have the same in Sephora. I love it! I think it works wonders :)