Weekend Re-cap

Another whirl-wind weekend has come to an end, but fear not! We are headed into a short week and the first big holiday of the season :)

Friday night we went to the fundraiser for H's work. I was excited to get dressed up, but it ended up being chilly that night so I went with pants, a lacy top, and sparkly heels instead of a dress. There were some ladies there in cocktail dresses, but the majority of us were in pants. Boring I know...

Yes.. H is participating in Movember to raise awareness for men's health. Great cause.. but for a month I'm married to someone who looks like he's straight out of a bad 70's movie lol :-P

It was a fun night of great food, open bar, and a black jack tournament. H even won me a corkcicle! It's a great little device you can freeze and stick in a bottle of wine to keep it cold. 

It was straight out of an episode of The O.C. but without the Seth Cohen commentary

Such a good time.. but man alive did I pay for it on Saturday. 

Saturday was a wash for me... I was pinned to the couch all day until I knew I had to get up and shower for our friend's b-day dinner. Blahhhh...

Check out those hot faux leather leggings! I paired them with a sparkly top and my gold heels. H laughed at me when I bought them but he loved how they looked once I put an outfit together. Men... 

Sunday was a busy day making up for Saturday being a complete wash. I ran to Super Target (my happy place!) and picked up the last of my Thanksgiving dinner necessities and some more decor items for our fast approaching Christmas party.

So excited for the upcoming long weekend :)


  1. Love the pictures. And seth cohen. ha ha.

  2. I am loving all these fun pictures!

    I just found your adorable blog over at the giveaway from Going with the flow.I am loving your clever blog title! Excited to be your newest follower! I would love for you to stop by sometime and follow along if you'd like :)


  3. What a busy weekend, I need that Corkcicle!
    I'm glad someone misses the OC just as much as me!
    = )

  4. Looks like fun! Great pictures.
    Now Corkcircle is on my Christmas list!


  5. looks so fun! never heard of corkcircle!! need it!