The Adventures of Kate & Emily

Hello lovely readers of Kate @ Green Fashionista! I'm Emily from over at Martinis & Bikinis guest posting today for Kate while she's on vacation in the sunny DR. I'm sure she's laying on the beach right now sipping on one of those pretty frozen drinks with an umbrella! Oh, how jealous I am right about now!!

Kate and I met soon after she moved to Florida and we quickly realized we both enjoyed doing a lot of the same stuff...So I thought this would be a great time to share some our adventures and shenanigans.

We both love hitting the beach on the weekend!

Like myself, Kate loves entertaining and throwing parties.

We love getting dressed up and going out on dates (or double dates) with our hubbies.

We're always down for some drinks by the pool.

We both love traveling, shopping & finding good deals, cooking & baking (although Kate's way more skilled in that department)....

And we both looove this guy:

How could we not be friends with so much fun stuff in common?

I hope you enjoyed "the adventures of Kate & Emily". Pop on over and say hi!

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