Suave's Moroccan Oil

It's that time of year again.. that time we all love which is the warmer weather.. the pool parties.. the beach days.. the outdoor BBQ's. But.. along with that warmer weather comes humidity which is accompanied by frizzy unruly hair. I'm so sick of looking at pictures of myself and seeing scraggly frizzy hair *sigh*

I've been contemplating a keratin treatment, but just can't justify the outrageous cost or how long it would take. My hairdresser told me about keratin express which is much cheaper and a shorter treatment, but she also said that moroccan oil would make a big difference.

Soooo.... I was over at Shannon's blog and was excited to hear that she found Moroccan Oil for much less than the typical $30+ pricetag. So I went to Target *who am I fooling.. I'm there at least once or twice a week* and picked up a bottle.

.... and the verdict is I love it! 

My hair is super soft and much shinier plus it doesn't weigh it down. If anything it feels more airy and light. I was concerned that it would weigh my hair down (considering it's oil!) and take away what little body I have since I have such fine hair that gets oily pretty quickly. But thankfully that wasn't the case... at all!

And the best part is... it smells amazing!

I still have some random fly-aways, but my hair is 99% better and I'm loving it :)


  1. Ohhhhhhh I can't wait to try this!


  2. thanks for the review!! i may have to try this next time i'm at target!!

  3. Oh I will definitely be trying this!! I am always looking for something to keep my hair soft.

  4. We love the whole Suave Moroccan line! The shampoo & conditioner are AMAZING!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Looks like I have something to add to my target list...

  6. i've been looking for this at target and haven't seen it yet! good to know it's worth the purchase

  7. I wish I could use hair is already so oily, that this makes it worse...I need to find something to help my flyaways that won't look greasy....but you hair looks amaze!!