Punta Cana Bloopers

Not every moment on our Punta Cana trip was picture perfect, some moments were lucky enough to be caught on camera...

On hibachi night H tried catching the food in his mouth when they flipped it in the air.. I tried capturing the catch on film and this is what I got....

Lovely.. H walking behind me down the stairs.. why am I touching my bum?

Always a lady... 

I love and hate this picture.. I love how serious I was about my food on the trip, but I'm saddened by how burnt my face was. Even after practicing safe sun we fried in the Dominican sun. tsk tsk..


My H the cameraman... he's got skills

Melted whipped topping on my poor waffle.. yes ladies it all went to my hips and I enjoyed every bite

Sometimes the "outtakes" provide the best memories


  1. love it!! i feel like my boyfriend is the king of taking the strangest (and often most unflattering) photos ever of me, himself, others, scenery hahaha

  2. bloopers or not, still so jealous of your fun time!

  3. love this :) ahhh i want a holidayyy!

    found your blog through the blog hop :) xx