Joining the Fun

I've seen so many of you post your "four", and I've loved getting to know everyone a little bit more from learning nicknames to amazing places you've traveled. Now it's my turn to join in on the fun.

Four of my nicknames

1. Miss Kate - my dad still calls me that
2. Jokes - some of my friends in my dorm in college called me Jokes since I "always had jokes".
3. Doopz - my work bestie has bestowed that gem upon me. We're double trouble!
4. Briggs - high school nickname

Four jobs I've had

1. My first job ever was at Forever 21
2. I was a brand rep at Abercrombie in college (now I can't imagine ever setting foot in that store)
3. I was also a Chili-head in college i.e. I waited tables at Chilis
4. My college internship was at the state legislature which was amazing. I got to work for a state representative and network with other state agencies and members of the state house.

Four movies I've watched more than once

1. All the Harry Potters - I'm one of those seriously obsessed people.
2. She's All That - one of my favorite movies in high school
3. Titanic - I wouldn't be a girl if this wasn't one of my all time favs
4. Wedding Crashers - I still quote this movie all the time, the best one liners ever!

Four things in my purse

1. Hand sanitizer - germaphobe status at it's finest
2. Gum - so fresh and so clean clean
3. Umbrella - every true Floridian carries an umbrella at all times
4. Compact brush

Four places I've lived

1. Connecticut - born and raised
2. College - living on campus is a must-do. The friendships and memories made are priceless.
3. New Hampshire - does it count I spent my entire summers on a lake there growing up?
4. Florida - you couldn't pay me enough money to get me to move back up north.

Four places I've visited

1. Fiji - honeymooned there in 2010

2. Lisbon, Portugal - last city on my first trip across the pond last year.

3. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in May 2013. Still one of my favorite places I've been to, absolutely gorgeous.

4. Chicago last fall, it officially knocked out New York as my favorite U.S. city. Which the die-hard Yankee fan in me hates to admit. I still love you NY!

You can find more of my travel adventures here on my travel tab (which will hopefully be re-vamped soon with a cleaner look).

Four places on my travel bucket list

*I'm going to break this down twice. First I'll do domestic cities, then I'll do international. And let's just set the record that this doesn't even begin to scratch the tip of the iceburg of places my wanderlust filled heart wants to visit.*


1. Seattle
2. Denver
3. Hawaii (all the islands!)
4. San Francisco and wine country


1. Dubai

2. London and Paris

3. Bali

4. The Maldives

Four things I don't eat

1. Seafood - I'm allergic *womp womp*
2. So you might as well throw sushi in there too
3. Bananas - I hate the smell, the texture, the shape, ugh and the smell of a banana peel sitting in the garbage *gag*.
4. Artificial sweeteners - I try my best to avoid all things sucralose, aspertame, stevia, etc.. which means no diet sodas/juices, Mio water enhancers, etc.. I used to drink that stuff all the time thinking I was being healthier by cutting calories, but your body can't process artificial sweeteners as they're chemicals concocted in a lab. I'll take my real sugar with the calories over the fake stuff any day, but I mostly drink water anyway.

Four TV shows I watch

1. Downton Abbey

2. The O.C. - still one of my all time favs. I love me some "Seth Cohen Comedy Hour".

3. House of Cards - already looking forward to next year's binge watch

4. Mad Men

Four things to look forward to in 2015

1. Flying up to CT for the first time in over 2 years for a family wedding. Can't wait to see aunts, uncles, and cousins I haven't seen in a while. Plus, there's also that day trip to Boston where I'm hoping to meet up with Biana while I'm up there.

2. Concerts and festivals around the state, love this time of year!
3. Long weekends at the beach and on a boat.. have I mentioned lately how much I love living in FL?
4. More trips with friends, as some good friends recently got engaged and are talking about a destination wedding to the Caribbean. YES PLEASE! {Recent trips with friends included Chicago, a cruise to the BahamasMiami, and renting beach condos in Treasure Island}

Now it's your turn, let's hear your "four"!


  1. I'm a girl that's never seen Titanic. Shocked???

  2. HARRY POTTER OBSESSED GIRL OVER HERE!!! WE need a HP email chain! I'm part of a book club, woot woot!

    So jealous you have been to fiji! I've ALWAYS wanted to go there!

  3. ah i love this post! so good. your list of domestic travel spots are all fantastic. seattle is actually one of my fav cities! and um you went to fiji - so jealous! bali is so on my list too. ha like how i'm focused on all the travel stuff? need to get out of town clearly! happy thursday love! xo

  4. All of your pics are REALLY making me want to go to the beach or on vacation! I'm kinda bummed I don't have my annual Key West trip this year but not so bummed about not having to make the drive. And totally jealous you've been to Fiji... definitely on my bucket list! So is Bali! And Tahiti! Haha!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. I love these posts! We are in NH all of the time! Move back to CT ;) J/k take me to FL with you!

  6. Jetsetter!!!!! I'm all about some fun in the sun! I can't wait till this summer! This post is super fun. I may have to borrow the idea. ;)

  7. These posts are fun, you get to learn so much. I love Wedding Crashers and can always watch it. I would love to go to Bali for an extended trip, so beautiful.

  8. seriously loving this post and you have been to some cool places!! and gahh yes bali. i am dying to go there! i can't believe you don't like bananas haha LOVE them.

  9. Take me on with you on all of the places in your bucket list! Loved learning more about you :)

  10. Yes to Wedding Crashers!! One movie I could watch over and over! Still so sad I moved pretty much the weekend before your Chicago trip!

  11. I love, love these posts - B and I are planning to "borrow" the idea and do one soon too! And yesss to She's All That!! I've seen that about a million times - Freddie Prinze Junior is still my favorite high school crush - haha!

  12. I cant tell you how many times I have see Wedding Crashers!! My husband probably plays it just about every weekend. You have been to some beautiful places!!! Makes me want to take a trip right now. These posts are great for getting to learn so much, I need to do this!

  13. Haha, stop in Nashville on the way to CT and we'll have a Harry Potter marathon. Please and thanks! haha.

  14. So much stuff! Seattle is on my list are London and Paris. So many places, so little vacation time.

    I love She's All That. I always watch it when I come across it.

  15. i have heard great things about Dubai, and I just love London. Paris in June, so excited!! You've been to so many places, I'm jealous! i loved Chicago too, not sure if I loved it or NYC more, don't make me choose! haha. and yes wedding crashers!! love it. my friends and i always say 'you shut your mouth while you're talking to me!'

  16. What a fun post! I'm jealous of your travel!! I can't even tell you how many times I watched She's All That in High School!

  17. I love all of those movies and totally agree with your international travel destinations- Ryan & I want to go to Dubai so bad! It looks like such a cool place :) Loved learning more about you! xo

  18. I interned for a state rep in college too and I loved it. So interesting to see that side of government. And my husband and I are going to Punta Cana in September so I'm off to read your post about that right now! :)

  19. Love your post girl! Those nicknames for you are all so cute and clever! Wedding Crashers is A & I's favorite movie as well. Woohoo to Chicago knocking out NYC from the top spot, it really is a great city not that I'm bias or anything :). Bali & The Maldives....heart eye emoji overload!!!

  20. I really should have an umbrella in my purse but I dont. I really really should though ha!

  21. I remember the funniest comedy sketch from when Titanic first came out. The comedienne (whose name I can't remember, sorry) said that she couldn't bring herself to go see Titanic because she felt like the whole point was to lust after Leonardo DiCaprio, and "at my age, that's about one step away from hanging outside of a grammar school with a kitten and a van."

    I am empathizing with that woman more and more as the years go by.