If Only My Parents Knew....

For the most part growing up, I was a good kid. I never got suspended from school, I never got into fights, and I never got arrested. My little brother sure took the cake on all of that, as my mom says he made up for both of us. I love that he's no longer a punk kid and has grown into an amazing person who is fighting for our country as one of the few.. the proud. Of course I was no angel.... I got in trouble a lot for talking back to my parents, for talking too much in school, and of course staying out too late/missing curfew.

Joining Erin and Rebecca to talk about the things that my parents may or may not know about me while I was trying to "find myself".

~ that my friend and I (we called ourselves the Queen Bees.... we kept it klassy) got in trouble for talking back to our chorus teacher in 8th grade and I was really at a principal's detention one day and not cheerleader try outs. I eventually made it to try outs, but was a little late :-P

~ yes that was a hickey mom, but there was no way I was going to admit it then. I'm sure she knows this, but let me think I got away with it.

~ that as soon as I turned 21, my cousin had me make a copy of my ID so she could get into clubs/bars. She then lost it twice and BEGGED me to get it copied again...and again. Her 21st birthday was a long 2 years and 3 months after mine.

~ that the bag I always came down the stairs with before going out in high school to go to the all ages club (gosh I can't believe I'm typing this) was packed with my skankalicious outfit and not the tank top and jeans you thought I wore.

~ yes those were parties we went to after the Friday night football games and yes there was alcohol there and no there wasn't any parental supervision of the sort. But back then I hated the taste of beer and never really drank until college. I made up for all the drinking I didn't do in high school in college... trust me! 0:-)

~ the "Freshman 15" I gained in college wasn't because of the bad dorm food, it was that I was no longer playing team sports and I was now drinking my face off. Yeah, I still remember the day someone told me that beer and mixed drinks had a ton of calories in them *mind blown*. I was not happy....

~ every time I was "grounded" and couldn't talk on the phone that was the 1st thing I would do as soon as you pulled out of the driveway.

~ lil' bro and I would scramble as soon as we heard/saw your car(s) pull up the driveway because he was probably watching something on tv he shouldn't and I was probably talking on the phone instead of my working on chores or homework.

~ that ledge off my bedroom was a great jumping off point for my high school boyfriend whenever you came home earlier than you were supposed to.

I promise I was a good kid with a good heart! :)


  1. Haha these are all good. Especially the one with the skunk outfit stashed away in your bag. That's why I would just go over to a friends house and borrow her clothes before going to those teen parties.

  2. haha oh i loev this. this is a hilarious idea. so true!

  3. These are great! I used to watch stuff I wasn't allowed to in the basement, and there was this one creaky floor board that I used to gauge where my mom was and how much time I had to turn it off and 'study'.

  4. So funny!! I used to change my outfits all the time after leaving the house! And I was floored as well when I found out beer and mixed drinks were full of calories....whaaaattttt??? Thanks for linking up :)

  5. Sounds like a fun childhood and some things are just better left unknown to our parents! I did pretty much all of the above in my days as well. Good (mischievous) memories!!

  6. I totally did the same thing if I was grounded and had the phone taken away from me. Once the car was out of the driveway I was chatting up a storm!

  7. My mom would dial star-whatever it was- to redial the last dialed number. I was screwed.

  8. Haha! I love it! I can say that I did about three-fourths of these things without my mom knowing as well!