Happy Friday and Some Announcements

Happy Friday! I'm in official vacation countdown mode... cannot wait to board our cruise to the Bahamas. If anyone would like to guest post while I'm soaking up the blue water and enjoying umbrella drinks please let me know ;-)

Some important announcements on this wonderful Friday...


Emily  is celebrating her 1st blogaversary and is hosting a fabulous giveaway. Hop on over and check it out along with her new look. Her blog got a beautiful makeover for the occasion ;-)

You can find me over at Jenn's today for "That's Fresh Friday". I linked up several great recipes (including my Thanksgiving menu from last year) and my inspirational post from earlier this week.


Have you been over to my spankin' new FB page yet? If not, hop on over and "like" it to keep up with the latest happenings over here on my little corner of the internet.


Last, but not least. Does anyone have a good rec for a button designer on the cheap? While I love my current button, I'm looking to have a button be more of a square instead of a narrow one to fit better when people upload on their pages. Mine gets all stretched out and faded. Ideally, I'd like to have a button that's a pic of me with my blog name as an overlay. I wish I was tech savvy enough to pull this off myself, but I'm not :-P

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay! Thanks for the shout out Kate! You're awesome! I'd be happy to do a guest post next week while you're gone cruising. Happy Friday!

  2. Hubby Jack (Chris) does great buttons... http://hubbyjacksblogattack.blogspot.com/

  3. I use picmonkey for my buttons. I probably need professional help. hahaha

    When are you going on vacation and do you have a preference for guest posting topics?

    Liked you on FB! I love seeing blog stuff pop up in my news feed.

  4. ohh yeah you got a facebook page, proud of ya, going to like it now!

  5. YAY! So glad you're linking up with us! You're the best :)

  6. would love to guest post!! and I also need a new button! let me know what you find!

  7. Look at you go with your awesome blog and now a FB page! So exciting! :)

    You make me want to start up blogging again. If only I wasn't so tired/lazy all the time, I would totally do it. :P

  8. YAY Have a great time and I'm super jealous of you!!!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  9. So jealous of the cruise!!! Have an awesome time!!

  10. It sounds like you are going to be on an amazing vacation! Hope you have a wonderful time!


  11. my girl Elisabeth at mycupofsparkle.com does some awesome work (she has done all my blog designs, including the current one!)