Chocolate Beer and Waffles in Belgium

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the fabulous Amber who recently spent time in Belgium during a break in the Peace Corp in Morocco. If you're not insanely jealous yet, start reading below! Nothing excites me more than traveling and this girl has a lot of great advice :)

Hope you enjoy her recap of Belgium and hop on over and check out her new blog!


Today, I am super excited because I am guest-blogging for Kate today! A cruise to the Bahamas, jealousssssss! Drink one for me! I thought it would be healthy (as I am turning an Elphaba-shade of green) to remember fondly one of my recent adventures to .......Brussels, Belgium!!!!!!!

In the Peace Corps, we are allotted a certain amount of vacation days. When we heard this, we were soo excited! Especially since Morocco is so close to Europe. But little did we know that it is about 10-11 Moroccan Dirhams to 1 Euro, and being volunteers we are lucky enough to get paid in Moroccan Dirhams. So after being in Morocco for about 4 months, our bodies were craving some delicious tasting European Drinks (keep in mind that any alcohol is difficult to get and very expensive in Morocco) and a little* bit of freedom, but at a low price. We were in luck though*, we found a cozy little Ryanair flight that was right for the budget and was headed to the wonderful world of Brussels!!!!!

We decided to stay 5 nights and 4 days and everyone we talked to said that Brussels didn't have much and we should try to do a day-trip into Belgium. We decided to keep the option in our back pockets... and away* we went!!!!

So I am not gonna lie, I knew next to nothing about Brussels before we went, but that is the point of traveling right? Turns out, there is PLENTY* to do in Brussels! Here are some things I learned, or was happily reminded of...

-Brussels (and Belgium as a whole) has an AMAZING amount of chocolate and beer (aka the only things that matter)

plus, my FAVORITE kind of beers.... wheat and fruity!! 

-AND WAFFLES!!!! Who knew that I could consume several waffles per day and by several I mean four, only three per day

-Brussels is also home to a little guy called the Mannequin Pis and by little, I mean, one of the tiniest statues I have ever seen.

Why, yes! You are seeing a statue of a Little Boy peeing.... and yes, they DO* dress him up in different outfits! How did you know?

- Brussels is home to one of the largest collections of comic strips! There is even a walking tour you can go on to see all of them! Rin TinTin is one of the most seen!

-Brussels is the capital of the EU and the European Commission.

-Belgium is bilingual with all signs in French and Dutch.

-When Brussels hosted the World Fair, they built the Atomium (to compete with Chicago's Ferris Wheel and Paris' Eiffle Tower)

-For being such a large city... there is tons and tons of green space!!!!

-There are tons of museums, but we aren't really museum people so we went to the Chocolate and Beer museums (of course) and they were meh... but at least you get chocolate and beer!!!

-Brussels is home to many Moroccans! You should have seen their faces when we pulled out the Moroccan Arabic.... it was like someone handed them a fistful of gold!

As always- I recommend taking the Double Decker "Hop-on, Hop-off" buses! Done 'em in every city that I have been able and never regretted riding hoppin on and hoppin off the 'party bus' as I like to call it!!!

Thanks so much, Kate for having me!!! Hop on over to InDuffinitely Me to learn more about my adventures in food, fashion and the Peace Corps!!!!

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