In My Opinion... Best Day of the Week

If you know where the phrase is from I used as the title to this post, you're my new best friend! Haha...but it's Friday! Whoo hoo! We made it through a full week :)

I've been really looking forward to a relaxing weekend, but it looks like we may have some things planned. I'm definitely not complaining... a year ago I was a tad lonely here as we hadn't made many friends yet (for those that don't know.. we moved down to Florida from Connecticut in late 2010) and now we have made some great friends and also have amazing neighbors that I can't express how thankful I am for. We have been beyond blessed with meeting such great people down here. It's crazy how you can go from not knowing many people and trying to find things to do, to always having a lot going on. We love it though.. bring it on! We're trying to do as much as we can before TTC. 

Along with relaxation and a much-needed scrub down of the house (I'm seriously Monica Geller from Friends and it's been killing me that we've been too busy for me to do my usual cleaning) it looks like we'll be hitting up happy hour, H will be going golfing, and we also have a neighborhood bbq. 

This is how I picture H out on the golf course 0:-)

Oooh I never posted the pic of H with his new golf clubs I got him for his b-day :)

Very happy birthday boy (this is so last month lol)

What does your weekend look like? Are you looking forward to anything?

Happy Friday!


  1. Harry Potter! Haha, love it. I get that way with the cleaning too, but there are never enough hours in the day to have a social life & clean, I don't know how Monica did it!

  2. That's so great that you have been able to meet friends and neighbors so quickly. We have lived in our neighborhood for a year and we have only met 2 neighbors. And I am in the south where it is supposed to be easy to be friendly and meet people!!


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  3. Your blog is great! keep it up!:)
    im following you, hope you do the same