Happy (belated) Birthday to the grand ol' USA!

Man.. I've been majorly slacking in posting lately. So much so that I still haven't posted my 100 followers giveaway *hides in the corner in shame*. I promise I'll be posting the giveaway later this week, so be on the lookout! 

Now... getting back to my wrap up of my 4th of July weekend... err.. day then back to work and then back to a long weekend. We had Wednesday off, and one of H's best friends flew in, so we picked him up from the airport and then headed to the beach for some fun in the sun.

Frisbee Boys

We then went home, showered, cooked out on the grill, and headed back out to a 4th of July par-tay downtown to watch the fireworks over the lake.

We met up with some of our friends for drinks before heading to the party. This was the only pic we got of the 3 of us the whole time Brian was here. 

Beautiful apartment and beautiful views

Perfect view of the lake for the fireworks

Yummy strawberry shortcake cupcakes

....and it begins!

Part of the finale on video

After the party, we were invited to go on a night boat ride. I knew I had to be up in the morning for work (boo!) but I wasn't going to pass up the night ride! 

Sparklers on the boat

Brian sure loved his sparkler haha

....then was when a couple of the guys stripped down to their skivvies and jumped in the lake...including H! I did document this event with pictures, but I think H would disown me if I posted them :-P

The next morning I struggled to get up to go to work, but I made it in for the day while H and Brian went to the outlets. They did stop by and bring me one of these though to help me through the day:

Such nice boys :)

Once work was over, I was back to enjoying the long weekend since I was able to take Friday off thankfully. The rest of our evening looked like this:

Yeah that happened...

...and so did that lol

The next morning, we got up and went to the springs to go river tubing. It was so beautiful there, I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Sadly, Brian left the next morning, but our weekend wasn't over yet! We had a surprise b-day party for one of our friends since it was her 30th birthday.

We went to a fancy schmancy restaurant and they even had a shout out to the birthday girl in the menu!

We went out to Senor Frogs after dinner for some drinks

Frog leg shots!

My weekend is almost over... on Sunday, I went to brunch with the girls where we enjoyed mimosas and breakfast paninis before going to the movies to see Magic Mike.

and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the movie was awful... and the ending was just weird. We all got up and looked at each other and realized we had just wasted our money. But it was a great girls day none the less! 

It was so hard to go back to work this morning, I just love the summer and I love long weekends especially when they're packed full of fun. 


  1. girl i am right there with u! I feel like this has been the busiest month ever for me! your weekend looks amazing im jealous! I did have some mimosas on sunday as well :) I am a firm believer in the sunday funday

  2. YAY! Happy to be back! And in perfect time to see all of your fabulous and fun 4th of July pics! That apartment's views are AWESOME - I'm very jeal! So happy all is well! XOXO

  3. looks like a great extended weekend. and i have been the BIGGEST blog slacker lately...July is turning out to be almost TOO much fun.

  4. Looks like you had one great weekend!! We agree that Magic Mike was a little disappointing (at the end we were like "what??") but we do think that Channing's "dance" routines were worth seeing!:-) Love those!! And MM's role was too funny. Perfect for him! "Alright! Alright!"

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Did you make those cupcakes?? They look sooo delicious!
    Sounds/looks like an amazing weekend...yay :)