What I'm Loving Wednesday

Time for the "hump day" link up with This Kind of Love for WILW.

I'm loving Tim Tebow!!! I guess you could say I've officially jumped on the bandwagon haha. I used to be a huge Patriots fan (born and raised in New England), but honestly over the past few years Tom Brady has put a bad taste in my mouth.. he's arrogant, short fused, and just not someone I care to root for anymore. So, I was left without a team that I rooted for no matter what. I would root with H for his Kansas City Chiefs (how he started liking them.. who knows! lol) and I also root for our new home team the Bucaneers, but I didn't have a team or a stand out player that I really wanted to see succeed until Tebow Mania began. I hopped right on board, as he has amazing talent, is humble, and has no shame in his beliefs. He's a GREAT role model compared to other top sports stars, and I hope kids are looking up to him and not adulterers such as Kobe Bryant.

I'm loving that Pan Am came back on this week! I really hope they get picked up for another season!

I'm loving that the Boycott Kim website is up to 560,300 signatures and growing rapidly! I hope her sponsers and business partners will get the message.

I'm still loving The Hunger Games! I can't put the book down, but I barely have enough time to read at night, so it's taking a while. I just want to finish it!

I'm loving my Words with Friends app. So addicting!

I'm loving my latest Pinterest finds this week!

Smores Dip... YUM!

Wardrobe staples

I'm always loving my wonderful H!


  1. Hunger Games is such a great read!

    I'm from KC and I have no clue why your husband likes our team, even I don't like our team. Then again, I don't care much for NFL football. haha Though I agree Tebow is a wonderful role model.

    And I really hope Pan Am gets another season too, I love it!!

  2. I've never heard of the boycott Kim website! I'm going to have to check that out!

  3. @Kristen I can't put it down! I even read a few chapters on my lunch break today.

    @Ally it's a great website which breaks down all the things that show what a horrible person and role model she is, the brands she represents in which to boycott, and most importatnly the petition which is almost at 600,000 signatures!

  4. (Stopping in from WILW)

    Ohmygosh, every time a friend reads The Hunger Games it makes me want to read it again! So good! I almost went up to a guy in the library who was talking about it and sounded doubtful.

    Happy Wednesday!