Home Depot Lovin' Weekend

I was feeling like poopy on a stick yesterday, but I got a great night's sleep last night and woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the house projects H and I had planned for this weekend.

We went to Home Depot and picked up the coach lights for our garage. We paid for the pre-wiring when the house was built last spring, but had never gotten around to buying the lights. At $60 a piece, they weren't a priority since we needed 3 of them and had other things we were concentrating on. But check out these beauties! They're energy star rated and have timers and motion sensors.

Of course we used energy saver light bulbs too ;0)

We wrestled with them for a while, and one of our neighbors came by to help H with the 3rd one, but we did it and they look great!

Someone wanted to come outside and help, but kept bolting out into the street when a car would drive by so her hay-day was over.

We also picked up some paint chips for the kitchen and our master bedroom since it's high time for some extra color in here. The entire interior of the house was painted in a color called "Sprite" which is basically a yellowish cream, and has white trim on all the baseboards and doorways. It's nice, but it's the ENTIRE house! 

For the kitchen, we are going for a maroonish red to go with the rest of our color scheme we've got going on which is black, stainless steel, and maroon like my Gloss Cinnamon Kitchen Aid.. soooo purty! 

These are the 3 we narrowed it down to at the store, but we're leaning towards the center one the most which is Behr's Cherry Cobbler. Paint sounding yummy enough to eat!

For our bedroom, I would like a nice gray to go with our black furniture, and H would like yellow. So, we picked up a bunch of yellowish and grayish paint chips to see what we liked best.

The grays

The yellows

One of my favorite yellows is Crisp Ginger Ale

Some of our favorite grays

We have most likely narrowed it down to a grayish color since we discovered that the yellows look too similar to what's already on our walls and we're looking for something different that will pop with our tray ceiling.

Any suggestions for either room?

We also picked up a new lamp for H's bedside table since he's had 2 bite the dust admist our moves and I picked up some things to help organize my bathroom vanity.

Exhibit A:

Yes, something must be done! Stay tuned... 


  1. Oh man, my side of the sink would surely look like that if I didn't store stuff underneath or in the drawers. haha

    Love the grey for the bedroom, but then again, I'm probably biased. I understand wanting to get some color in the house though since we painted our entire house grey. We'll paint though eventually. At the moment I'm just trying to find decor pieces in color to pop out. :)
    Love the new outside lighting too!

  2. That's sort of how my sink looks like too! No matter how hard I try to keep it organized, it's always covered with stuff.

    As for the paints, I love the first two reds for the kitchen. I certainly like the middle one the most. The last gray is my favorite! It's soft but beautiful. What color is your bedding? That would definitely help choose a color for your room!

  3. The sad thing is I do store stuff underneath, but I think it's time for me to part ways with some products that I honestly don't need.

    We've decided on the middle red color for the kitchen, and are still wavering on the bedroom color choices. Right now our bedding is light with tan stripes, but we're looking to upgrade from our queen to a king, therefore we'll need new bedding too, and I'm trying to talk H into white for a crisp look against darker walls and furniture. He's not too thrilled, and I agree with him that it'll get dirty easy, but it'll be so pretty! *sigh*