For the love of boots

As much as I love boots, if they have heels on them, my feet are usually miserable in them after not too long. I've been known to take my boots off at work under my desk because they hurt so bad. Well, those days are over! I finally found a pair that not only look great, but I can wear all day without being in agonizing pain.

I purchased the Rampage Bronx boot from DSW last year, but only recently starting wearing them lately since it's been chillier than usual and boot appropriate weather.

I wore them today over my Gap skinnies and never felt uncomfortable at all which was a great feeling.

Please excuse the flash.. I couldn't get the lighting right. I turned all the lights on and it was still too dark near the mirror *sigh*

And because it's so dark you can barely make out the boots.

I wore my new lace top and black cardigan today from VS to complete my comfy outfit. I should practice smiling while taking these pics! Haha..  I look so mad!

H and I are spending a long anticipated night in after going out for BBQ for dinner and stopping at a sweets shop and we picked up this oreo cupcake. Yum! 

H and I are working on the house this weekend inside and outside, plus I plan on picking up my giveaway prize for when I hit 50 followers. 

What's everyone up to this weekend?


  1. I've been following for awhile now.. Finally starting to become an active blogger..(I bought your chair covers from your wedding!)

    I love the boots! I have the same problem with boots. I bought two of the same pair from target in different colors and they kill me! Never wear them walking around the mall again!

  2. That's great news! Do you have a link to your blog?

    How did you like the chair sashes? Any pics?

  3. :)

    I have a few pics on my blog but I still need to make a married bio. Those big photos take ages to upload!

  4. Thanks for the link! I'm now following :0)

    I hear ya on how long it takes to upload those pics! My H gets mad because when I'm uploading pictures while he's playing xbox live it slows down his game. I always tell him to cry me a river haha..