Weekend Painting & Shopping

Already looking forward to my short work week and breaking in my new Disney annual pass next weekend. So Monday can bite it!

Friday, we went to happy hour and celebrated H finishing his year end projects and finished the evening at home with some Fireball by the pool and some old school Sega.

Saturday, I spent the day painting the dining room while H worked on the yard before watching my Saints lose to the Seahawks who are on fire this year.

Sunday, I did my first OOTD "photo shoot". To say it was awkward is an understatement. So, feel free to giggle when the post goes live tomorrow. I promised myself that I'd get back to the basics of why I started this blog and that includes outfit posts and more reviews. I'm sure it'll feel weird at first taking the pics, but we're all our own worst critics right?

When staying in most of the weekend and working on the house, I tend to do a bit of online shopping as well....

After hearing from Shanna that F21 was offering an extra 50% off sale items (now through 1/20 hurry over and check it out!) I placed an order for 2 new tops and a sparkly scarf for only $19 and that includes shipping. I've always liked F21, and have noticed they've really stepped up their game recently in quality. I have pieces from there that have lasted much longer than similar items from higher end stores. Win-Win!

Zipper-Trimmed Dolman Top
Crinkled Metallic Scarf
Studded Raglan Top

I'm most excited about the scarf, I'll definitely have to do an outfit post or two incorporating it. So pretty! I don't get a lot of chances to wear scarves in FL, but this one looks light-weight enough to wear on a somewhat chilly day. 

I also finally pulled the trigger on 2 items at Sephora that I've had on my love list and waiting to come back in stock:

Urban Decay Naked3

Sephora Collection Rose Gold Brush Set.. just as quickly as it came back in stock, it is out of stock again. Put this on your love list and scoop it up quickly! Great deal for only $25.

I also had a credit to Amazon since I had to return a Christmas gift that was damaged and picked up a tray for my perfume bottles and a sparkly tumbler. 

Mirror Metal Tray

MLB Tumbler


  1. LOVE all your new finds!! And I can't wait for tomorrow's post!!! =D

  2. love that studded top. and I keep all my perfumes on a mirrored tray as well!!

    ...looking forward to tomorrow's post ;)

  3. loving all your finds! I totally agree Forever 21 has absolutely stepped up their game!

  4. I definitely have the old school Sega at home too!!!! Thought I was the only one who still enjoyed playing it!


  5. I can't believe that Sephora brush set is only $25!! No wonder it sells out so quickly! I actually stopped at Sephora to finally buy a Naked palette on Friday and they were all sold out :( Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend! Jealous of your old school Sega and warm weather!

  6. LOVE all those finds :) I need new make up brushes. I know I should splurge, but i cannot make myself!!

    GAH, i love tumblers!!! I have to stop buying them actually!

  7. Love the tray! And great job on the F21 deals! Got to love that!

  8. I love that mirror tray! Great idea to put your perfumes on it. Thanks for linkin' up! :)

  9. Oh my gosh, I love your Sephora purchases. I am always coveting the Naked 3 palette right now, I keep hesitating on purchasing it when it comes back in stock.