I'm a Happy Girl

First of all I want to wish my bestie a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you!

Lots of things make me happy, but nothing takes the cake (mmmm... cake!) like the following:

~ My amazing husband of course and our adorable bulldog Roxy 

~ Going on vacation *if you like traveling as much as I do check out my travel tab at the top of my page*

Snorkeling the South Pacific on our honeymoon in Fiji

Bahamas Cruise with friends

~ My family and friends

My family at my cousin's wedding last spring in CT

CT friends

FL friends

~ Shopping... my biggest weaknesses are Sephora, Express, and Kate Spade. If you stick around here long enough that will become old news :-P

Hit up the Express sale last week 

~ Harry Potter both Sarah and I share this obsession

~ Cake vodka and margaritas

~ Fresh highlights

~ My Yanks... is baseball season here yet? 

~ Swimming.. I'm happiest in the water whether it's in my new pool or at the beach. Love it all... river tubing, boating, riding the waves, or just floating in the pool. Paradise.

~ Working out... I have never felt better about myself except when I'm healthy and working out consistently. I don't just do it to stay fit, I work out to feel good about myself and to stay healthy. There's no better feeling then right after you complete a workout. Always worth it.

~ Bubble baths... a girl's gotta pamper herself

~ Chocolate cake... my favorite are the warm chocolate melting cakes for dessert on Carnival cruises.. YUM!

What makes you happy?


  1. I love how harry potter & the booze are right next to each other!!! We are obvi friend soulmates!!

    Love this :)

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  3. So many of these things make me happy! My family, traveling, warm weather, shopping.. I could go on and on! That cake vodka sounds good, I can't believe I've never tried it! What do you mix it with? And that chocolate cake, omg. Yum

  4. Lots of things to be happy about! I agree about it all! ;)