Oh to be an angel...

Welp... I made the bad decision of recording the VS Fashion Show on the DVR and letting it sit there until I was on vacation all Christmas week which equaled lots of drinking, bad eating habits, and sporadic work outs. To make matters worse.... I decided to watch it one day while eating lunch. Word to the wise don't ever watch the VS Fashion Show while eating. However, while watching the show I remembered I still hadn't cashed in my secret reward card which of course only ended up having $10 on it. I always get the $10 cards... have any of you ever gotten $50, $100, or $500?

So, I placed an order taking advantage of their free shipping with an order of $50+ and cashed in my secret reward which is no secret that it's always only $10 :-P

Tank Dress in Ruby Wine

I can't wait to wear this to a girl's brunch or on a lunch and movie date with H. I love how it's ruched at the bottom and even looks cute belted.

High-Low Dolman Tee in Bold Stripe

I'm not sure how I feel about this top yet. I thought it would go well with some cropped pants or shorts, but I'm literally swimming in it and get this... it's an EXTRA SMALL! I am by no means a petite girl so this shirt is huge! I saved my packing slip from the shipment and may bring it with me to a VS store to exchange. So happy you can do that now :)

Kimono in Neon Red

I finally picked up a nice kimono which is an extra cover up in the morning to take out Roxy or sit on the patio and eat breakfast on the weekends instead of my heavy robe. It's also a nice cover up to go over lingerie and other unmentionable things. 

Now all I need are some pretty satin hangers:

I've been avoiding the Semi Annual Sale so far, but we'll see how long that lasts :-P

What deals have you found at VS lately?


  1. I did the same thing and got free shipping and used my secret reward... for 10 haha. I got some new yoga pants for dance and 2 tops for going out. I love love love the dress color you picked and the kimono!!! =)

  2. Nice buys! The robe looks very comfy...I went to the semi-annual sale on Sunday and got a pretty purple/sparkly hoodie for 1/2 price and some undies for $3.99. I had to cut myself off from shopping after that ;-)

  3. I finally took advantage of the Semi Annual Sale yesterday online! Can't beat free shipping right now haha. Wishing I had ordered that robe though - I love it!

  4. I have not made it to the semi annual sale, thank god!!

    LOVEEE the dolman!!!!

  5. I say take that shirt back too. It looks huge, but everything is so fun! I haven't kept my distance for the semi-annual sale...I did enough damage over the holidays.

  6. i love the semi-annual sale (and I have a gift card just burning a hole in my pocket). And I say take the shirt back and get something you really love! Don't keep stuff you don't like (something I need to be better at myself)