SkinnyMini Friday

Oh sweet Friday you're here! I could really go for some SkinnyMinis... but ya know what? Yep they're not sold around here...

I was so excited when these came out considering how much I love the big bottle. Mini bottles that can fit in my purse and be smuggled into the movies, sporting events, the corn maze... etc.. genius! But I've searched long and hard for these cute little bottles and can't find them anywhere. So I took to twitter:

Sadly the search didn't bring up any stores that carried it in Florida... craziness! I would have loved to have floated around in the pool this weekend with one of those cute little bottles. Wish I could just go back to Margaritafest so many yummy tequilas and margs. 

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.... dinner and drinks tonight and lounging in the pool the rest of the weekend while H goes golfing with his papa-dukes. They're finally cashing in our Fathers Day gift of H taking him golfing now that they live down here too.

Backin' that azzzzz up with Whitney come shake it with us


  1. Loooove the song choice. I have to admit, I've never had those!! Now I'll have to stop at the packy on the way home to see if they are there! And... corn maze drinking??? Hahahaha, GREAT idea!! =D

  2. Hello Kate! I came across your lovely blog at the Aloha Friday Blog Hop! I'm following you via Bloglovin' and Twitter. Please follow me back. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!