Wrappin' up a Full Week

Happy Friday! This week sure dragged, but I'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend. Yep who was smart enough to take the Monday after the Super Bowl off? -------> This girl!

Looking forward to another relaxing weekend until the Super Bowl party on Sunday.

Even with my my new hair-do I felt frumpy this week. It was just one of those weeks... You know how when you get your hair done, you feel super fabulous but then can never re-attain the look again yourself? That's me this week... I swear there are magic powers when you're sitting in that salon chair, but the powers can't reach farther than the chair. Plus, I think I went too short it's that awkward inbetween stage where it won't stay straight and flips up all over the place *sigh*


I felt like this looked frumptastic from the front so I took a sideview pic as well. Top is from ON, skirt is old from Express, bangles are Kate Spade, and I wore my new cobalt blue wedges I picked up at Target last week on clearance.


Lazy hair day but I've been loving my pencil skirts lately... top is old from Express, pencil skirt is from Target, and heels are Colin Stuart from VS.

I love wearing purple because then I have an excuse to wear my bracelet I picked up when we went to Jamaica for our anniversary last year. Such a pretty bracelet, I was eyeing it for days while we were there and finally pulled the trigger our last day.


It was hot out (yes I'm aware it's January)

Dress is from Kohls, and I love that it looks like a shiny top tucked into a pencil skirt. I get so many "love your top" compliments on this dress since people don't realize it's all one piece. Super comfy and great when it's hot and sticky out. 

Exhibit A:

.... but then it dropped 20 degrees in less than 24 hours...

Exhibit B:


It's been a while since I've had an excuse to wear my mint cords. Cords and top are both from F21, bangles are Jessica Simpson, and my taupe heels from Target *my happy place*


Sparkly top from ON, with dark blue sweater also from ON, Gap skinnies, and necklace is from Tiffanys.

Flats are from Target, but they won't link anymore :(
These shoes are so pretty, but man were they a pain to break in...


Happy Friday! Linkin' up with Kerry and Becca for Friday Chaos, hop on over and join us ;0)


  1. fried, you could not be frumpy if you tried!

  2. I love Tuesdays look! cute skirt!

    found you on the blog hop. I am following you :)


  3. Love the full dress! I love dresses like those too, so nice and convenient!