Beauty Products Spring Cleaning

Before H's Christmas party I went to one of those blow dry bars to get my hair done for the event. Loved it there by the way.. but love it even more that they just emailed me about a promotion they have going on. The email's subject line was "Spring Cleaning". They want everyone to gather up all their old beauty products no matter how old or full they are and bring them down to donate/recycle and they'll give you 25% off your next salon service... awesome! 3 of my favorite things... beauty products, recycling, and saving money!

This weekend, I'll be packing up my empties and products I didn't love that I stowed under the sink since I don't have the heart to throw anything away to bring over for the salon and get my 25% discount off my next service. Now I just need a special occasion to get my hair done for. I have a wedding coming up but it's up in CT.. I don't think a nice blow out would survive the plane ride :-P

Do any of the salons in your area offer a similar service? If not, you can always bring back to MAC

Happy Recycling!


  1. What a fantastic idea! I'm going to suggest this to the people around me.

  2. That is a great idea you Salon though of!

    Kiehls has a similar program. I believe you have to bring 5 containers back to the store to get a free full-sized product?

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  3. That sounds amazing! I should google to see if somewhere here in Chicago does this!

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