Wedding To-Don'ts with Kaity from (Bee)autiful Blessings

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Kaity who will blogging for me today while I'm off on official bridesmaid duty. I recently guest posted for her while she was off enjoying her beautiful wedding and fabulous honeymoon. 

If you haven't gone over to check out her blog, do it now! ;)


Hi there! I'm Kaity and I blog over at (Bee)autiful Blessings. Kate was nice enough to guest post for me while I was on my honeymoon a few weeks ago, so when she asked if I might return the favor, I was more than happy to! Since Kate is enjoying the weekend celebrating her sister-in-law's wedding, I thought I'd use this opportunity to talk about my own recent wedding experience!

Chuck and I were married September 2, 2012. Our wedding was not as we expected, but it wound up being more perfect than we could've imagined. However, there were months of wedding planning that went into that one, beautiful day. For those of you who don't know- wedding planning ain't easy! It's especially not easy when you're dealing with tons of family, friends and guests who all have an opinion on your day. Some people can be really bizarre. So with that in mind, I've compiled my...

Top 10 List of Wedding To-Don'ts

10. No matter how tacky or just plain wrong you think a person's wedding is...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! We got married in a garage. No, seriously. Hurricane Isaac threatened to rain on our outdoor farm wedding and so at the last minute we had to move it inside the farmer's garage. Needless to say, it was not ideal. But we were happy. And that's all that matters.

9. If you're helping a bride with the details of her big day, be sure to let her know what you're doing! I was a complete spaz when it came to planning my wedding so I was so grateful when numerous friends and family members jumped in to save me from drowning in Save-the-Dates and reception decor. But when someone made a decision without consulting me first, I was not a happy camper.

8. Grooms- unless you are seriously morally or ethically opposed to details about the ceremony, please keep your opinions to yourself. Chuck was the easiest person to plan a wedding with but towards the end, I was stressed to the max and the second he wanted to question a decision I had made, all I had to do was shoot him a look and he knew to let it go!

7. RSVPing to a wedding is not brain surgery. If you happen to be sent an invitation, just check "yes" or "no" and send it on in its pre-addressed and stamped envelope. I'm not sure why people find this difficult.

6. Furthermore, if you're invited to a wedding and the words "guest" or "plus one" are nowhere to be found, consider it safe to assume that your girlfriend of one week, or your last-minute date is not invited.

5. Also, don't just assume you are invited if you do not receive an invitation. Awkward...

4. If the wedding you're attending is out-of-town, don't wait until the last minute to make your travel arrangements. Chances are, your hosts have worked out a deal with a local hotel for blocked rooms. If they don't cancel any unused rooms, they foot the bill. And trust me, they've got enough to pay for already.

3. If someone in your immediate family or a good friend is getting hitched, try to be respectful of their wishes. Don't make a fuss if you aren't asked to do a reading or what-have-you. Trying to balance the feelings of family members is difficult, especially when you factor step-family members into the equation.

2. Stick to the registry! If there's no blender on there, the couple probably doesn't want or need a blender. Or if they choose to do something non-traditional like we did, with our honeymoon registry, just go along with it.

1. Don't forget to tell the bride she looks beautiful. She won't tire of hearing it :)

There you have it folks. Tips for being the best guest a bride could ask for. If you'd like to read more about my wedding, be sure to check me out:" target="_blank">
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Lots of love to you, Kate! Hope your wedding weekend is fabulous!


  1. So true, Kaity! I especially love that ecard about not RSVP'ing! That is sooo true. They re-word those RSVP cards but when i got married we just had a yes & no option and then a blank for how many people! Not a good idea b/c invite might say "Mr & Mrs" only, but some people sent it back putting 4 or 6 as how many coming!! Ahhhhh!! We had several come that didn't RSVP, but then others didn't come that did RSVP so it worked out. Still - i always RSVP for ANYTHING these days!! It's not that difficult.

    Great post!

  2. Haha, I got married 3 years ago and I'm nodding my head up and down! Everything you said is so true!!

  3. I loved these and will try my best to remember these when I help a girlfriend out and when I plan my own wedding I will think "kaity was so right"

  4. RSVPs are the worst! We had someone cross out the number of guests invited and write in their own. We also had someone request that they could bring someone they WANTED to ask out. When I said no he refused to come. He then proceeded to bring this girl to our ceremony, walk in late and traipse down the aisle behind my bridesmaids and flower girls!

  5. I disagree with you on a couple of points here, having planned my own wedding. Mainly number 8. The wedding day isn't all about the bride. It is the groom's day too and they should be allowed to have an opinion on how it goes.

  6. I disagree on the wedding registry thing. The registry is a guide only and a gift is a gift. Be gracious and grateful for whatever you get. Asking for money towards your honeymoon offends some people. You should be doing the honeymoon you can afford. A wedding gift should be something for your life together that will remind you of the person who gave it. Sometimes gifts are just wrong yes, but the intent was there from the giver. Take it for what it is. If it's a repeat then politely ask to exchange it.