Sarita's Caribbean Corn Pie

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When Sarita posted this Caribbean Corn Pie a few weeks ago, I knew it was something I needed to try. It looked and sounded delish with so many of my favorite ingredients. Such a fresh and colorful dish for the warmer months.


1 can of organic corn
1/2 tsp. of pepper
1 organic egg, room temperature
8 tbsp. of corn meal
3/4 cup of diced onion
1 bell pepper
Chopped mushrooms (I used a whole container)
1/4 cup of basil
1 cup of organic skim milk
1 cup of reduced fat cheddar cheese
Coconut oil (for cooking the veggies)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Drain and reserve the liquid from the corn
Pour the reserved liquid into a measuring cup, and add water to bring it to 1 cup
Pour the 1 cup of liquid and egg into a large bowl
Add pepper, and mix well
Add the corn meal to the egg mixture, stir to form a smooth paste and set aside
Heat a frying pan with coconut oil, and cook the onion, mushrooms, and pepper
Pour in the milk over the veggie mixture, and bring to a boil
Once it comes to a boil, stir in corn meal mixture and reduce heat to low
Let it cook on low heat for about 4 minutes
Add the corn and basil, and continue cooking for another 5 minutes
Transfer to a greased baking dish, and top with cheese
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes
Let it rest for about 30 minutes before serving


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  1. Oh love your tweaks on the recipe. How did it turn out using the skim instead of a fuller fat option?

  2. This sounds amazing except for the mushrooms haha! Oh and love your cute little patio pillows!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Looks so good and I like how you subbed in the healthier options!

  4. Yum- looks delish! I've never tried corn pie but seeing as I love corn, I know this will be a winner for me! I bet this would make a great side to being to Summer BBQs!

  5. I have never tried this, but it looks and sounds so good, plus it is gluten free!

  6. although deadly to me that looks yummy! can't wait for linkup tomorrow! xo

  7. It looks so good! So was this your entire meal or did you have something on the side too?! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. This sounds so delicious! Perfect for a lighter meal or side dish :)

  9. Yum, yum, yum! That looks delicious!

  10. I saw her recipe before and was intrigued but now I really need to try it! Looks amazing!

  11. This looks delicious! I love that it's unique!

  12. Yum! This would be easy to double and serve for parties/large gatherings and summer cookouts!

  13. This sounds delicious! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  14. This sounds SO good! I need to try this ASAP!

  15. Wow this looks amazing!! I've made Trinidadian corn pie which is similar but this one has lots more ingredients that make it look so good. I'm going to have to try it myself ;-)

  16. YUM!!!!! I've never made anything like that before! Looks delish!

  17. That looks delicious! I've never seen that before but I'll have to try it!


  18. That looks delicious! I've never seen that before but I'll have to try it!


  19. YUM! This reminds me of a local Mexican restaurants sweet corn tamale cakes :)

  20. That sounds soooo delicious!!! Minus the whole mushroom thing for me, because fungus. haha! I have never attempted to make something like this though and I really need to :)

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    Are those C&B square plates?

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