Meet my Little!

Today, I'd like to introduce you to my "Lil" from the Big & Littles blogging network Carolina. I've enjoyed getting to know her and hope that I've been able to give her some good bloggy advice. Make sure you go on over and check her out!


Hi! I'm Carolina also known as the girl behind SoCal Mermaid. My blog tends to be mostly about college, but I also write about fashion, boys, being 21, diys, and other girly things! I do try to be serious sometimes, those are the posts where I'll mention my struggles with anxiety or I'll metaphorically write about my feelings.

If I'm not working at a fashion show (as a dresser) or writing yet another posts about my college days, I'm either working, reading, hanging out with my family or friends, wrestling with my dogs, or flaunting my single girl swag

Sometimes I'll post about my outings as a college girl - which isn't often. In high school I hung out a lot with my friends and hookah lounges were the place to be. Now, I like love dive bars. What can I say? I'm a laid-back Cali girl at heart.

One of my favorite bars to go to is Sand Bar, it's right on the beach and all of my coworkers go every Monday night for karaoke night. I still haven't had the guts to get up and sing in front of everyone, I should've done it the night this picture was taken. It was a going away party and pretty much everyone (but me and maybe two other guys) were hammered. It was a good night none the less.


And now that I've given you that overload of links to get to know me a little better here's a few more things that you should know about me:


1. I'm currently in junior college and hate it, I go to school in San Diego where I was born and raised!

2. I'm supposed to transfer fall of this year, but I only applied to three schools *fingers crossed*

3. Cal State Long Beach is my number one school, but they've released an article stating out of 83,000 applicants they've only chosen..wait for it...8 freaking thousand. Let's keep those fingers crossed until I get my acceptance letter?

4. I'm majoring in Fashion Merchandising but I have no idea what I want to do career wise. I just got an internship with ABIDE Fashion, and I would love it if you could click the link and like their FB page! (That's my first job, get them more FB likes and Instagram followers)


1. I'm a huge advocate for breast cancer awareness. My aunt is a survivor of breast cancer, and come every October I'll be posting about it like crazy, and my blog theme tends to get a little pink.

2. Snapchat. Good ole snapchat. I post the most obnoxious stories and if we're really good friends I'll send you the randomest stuff.

3. I love holidays, what blogger doesn't? But Christmas cookies are probably my favorite dessert of all time.

4. Here's a couple pictures to help you understand my life a little more.

a snapchat of my love of Panera Halloween cookies...
this years San Diego Susan G Komen for the Cure walk with my mom

and lastly, a rack of beautiful clothes at one of the many fashion shows I've worked at

Now this whole post was just an overload of links (#sorrynotsorry) and an over load of me, I'd apologize but hey that's what guest posts are for right? Here's some posts I'd recommend you read if you actually liked having me here for the day!

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