Friday Loves

Happy Valentines Day and most importantly HAPPY FRIDAY! This week dragged for me and I had a rough week at work so I am jumping for joy today and looking forward to the weekend. I may not be huge on Valentines Day, but I am looking forward to our Valentines night at home with all the fixings and have so much to love today.

~ I'm loving that we'll be feasting on cheese fondue, strawberry cake *in the shape of a heart of course*, and almond champagne by the fire pit tonight.

~ I'm loving the Carnival commercial with the little kids going down the slide like it's a bobsled. It combines two of my favorite things: Cruising and the Olympics!

~ I'm loving my new B&BW 3-wick candles, especially Red Velvet Cupcake. Definitely lighting that one tonight!

~ I'm loving that after a ton of research, we finalized our flights and hotel info for our first ever trip across the pond. I'm jumping out of my skin excited to fly to Barcelona and experience that beautiful city before sailing on the Norwegian Epic and then finishing off the trip after we disembark our cruise by going to Lisbon, Portugal. It's so surreal and I'm in official vacay countdown mode.

*Really looking forward to the on-board ice bar*

~ I'm loving my UD Naked3 and all the beautiful new colors and looks I've been able to create with it.

~ I'm loving my Bruno Mars CD... I'm not a fan of most music "artists" that are overplayed on the radio lately, but he is one talented little man. Sing it Bruno!

~ I'm loving that I finally found Island Coconut k-cups at Target

~ I'm loving that even after a trying week at work stress-wise that I'm at a much better job than I was this time last year. I love my better commute, better position, better boss, and just all-around better atmosphere and company. I couldn't be happier with the change I made. 

~ I'm loving my adorable wrinkly oinking doggy

~ I'm always loving my "valentine" 

Happy Friday!


  1. I was just in Bath and Body Works yesterday and all of those candy shop candles smell amazing! I want to go back and buy literally one of each of them! So good! Have a happy Valentine's Day :)

  2. YAY for purchasing your tickets!!! :)

  3. Love that candle! Maybe it'll go on sale after today and I can save it for next year! ;)

  4. love that almond champagne!!

    and you trip is going to be AMAZING

  5. aww :) Love that last picture!!
    I want to go to Barcelona!! But i obvi need more monies!

    I cannot wait to hear all about the fondue tonight!! Have fun :)

  6. Aww what a cute little puppy face, I just want to squeeze it! Those B&BW candles are my addiction, I can never have enough. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Gahh I forgot about the almond champagne!! Sounds like a nice romantic night at home. You've inspired me to whip out our fondue set for our guests tomorrow night!

  8. Those coconut k-cups look amazing!! I'll definitely be looking for that next time I'm there :)

  9. Portugal! Oh, my, goodness! It looks so beyond beautiful!!

  10. YES!! Love everything about this post!! The UD3 is awesome!! I love Bruno Mars and plan to have some bubbly tonight!! That commercial is the cutest!! And can't wait to hear more about your trip!!!
    Happy Valentine's!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. I bought the Oceanside and Watermelon Lemonade candles from BBW. This was a first time purchase of the big candles. I bought a small Lakeside one last year. But, they are sort of awesome.