Happy Friday!

I know we're all happy when the weekend rolls around, but now that it's spring I'm even happier for the weekend. I'm just looking forward to spending the weekend outside in the beautiful weather.

1.) Finally treated myself to a pedicure on Monday.... it had been way too long. I went with a pretty purple color and purple sparklies on the big toe. 

2.) Roxy had a bath before my parents arrived on Tuesday. I told her she had to be all pretty and fluffy for her grandparents coming to see her.

*not a happy camper*

3.) Cheered on my boys in pinstripes for opening day... it's officially spring when baseball starts :-D

Can't believe it's his last season *tear* - the last of the core four

4.) Spent Wednesday at the beach with my parents and then we went out for steak burgers and diet buster shakes that evening. Steak n' Shake is a must visit when friends/family come to visit from up north.

*Look how happy they are to be on vacay*

5.) The Sephora VIB event started on Thursday: 15% off your purchase through April 11th. Happy Shopping!

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  1. Poor Roxy! So not happy with you!

    I have heard a lot of this Steak & Shake place, but never experienced what I can only imagine is indescribable deliciousness!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your parents!

    1. I also have to try it, but when they opened close to work they were always packed, I guess now that the hype has died a little it is definitely time to try it out!!


  2. Love the purple toes and TB sandals! Your parents came just in time for the warm weather! Have a great weekend!

  3. Aww haha poor Roxy, she looks so sad! How did I not know about this VIB sale?! I have a mile long wish list so I will be taking advantage of that! And a big yay for baseball season!!

  4. Love the nail color! I miss Steak 'n Shakes! :( Roxy does not look happy at all! Hope you are having fun with the rents!

  5. oh of course sephora has that VIP bidness when i'm in the middle of my april wallet watch. WHAT THE HELL, SEPOHRA?!

    Vodka and Soda

  6. Roxy's face is priceless. HAHA!! Yay for spring and for Friday!! I've never had Steak 'n Shake but it sounds like it needs to happen!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. Poor Roxy she looks so mad! She is like mom & dad you both are so mean to me because you make me take a bath & get all clean!