Next Year Kids, Next Year....

Happy Friday lovelies! Today, you can find me over on Emily's blog while she's off celebrating her fabulous 30th birthday with K in Savannah.

Last night, I went to go get my 3rd laser hair removal treatment... yep thank you groupon! I love the thought of never having to shave or wax again, but yowzers no one warned me how much it would hurt! I felt like Steve Carrel on The 40 Year Old Virgin except I didn't yell out "Kelly Clarkson!"

Today, is my work Christmas party. I've been hearing a lot of crazy stories about all the shenanigans that go down each year and all the fabulous giveaways and prizes so I'm excited. But I've promised myself not to be the one planted at the bar at 10:00am as I'm the new girl and I don't want to make the headlines my first year. This year, I'll be perfectly happy sipping my drinks and pointing and laughing at those who are going full throttle. Next year kids, next year!

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  1. Noooooo, laser hurts? This is the saddest news everrrrr.

  2. my work christmas party was last week and I may or may not have been "that girl" hahaha good thing I have been there for 3 years...teachers know how to party! have fun!

  3. I wanted to do laser but my bank account doesn't allow it for now

  4. Good luck at your work party! They can be very fun or very awkward or a little of both. Haha.