Happy and Sad

This week has had some happy times and some not so happy times.... 

I'll start with the good first... my heels that I got with my giftcard from Nikki's giveaway came in today! 

They were both on clearance and I was able to get both for about $26 smackaroos! Sweeeeet!

Now for the bad news... H's company sent out a notice yesterday saying because they're having such a great year they're thanking everyone by sending them on a cruise to the Bahamas and they're able to bring a guest. I was so flingin' flangin' excited! I've been on 3 cruises, and have been to most of the Caribbean, but have never gone to the Bahamas (ridiculous I know) so not only was I finally going to get there, but it would be completely free! Oh and let's not forget how much I LOOOOVE cruising! Welp... he said it was in October, and I was still excited and then I said, "Wait... don't tell me it's the same weekend as your sister's wedding". It is.... so we're missing out on a free cruise to the Bahamas that some of our friends will be on since they work with H. I can't even begin to explain how upset I am.. there are 52 weeks in a year and they choose the ONE weekend we absolutely can not change our plans. 

I'm looking on the bright side though. I've been looking forward to her wedding since they got engaged. I'm excited to go home and see our families and friends, and I'm excited to see the fall foliage. H and I are going to try and cram as much as we can into the long weekend. We're going to try and hit up the amazing restaurants in Middletown, Rich's Farm for the best ice cream ever, maybe a winery or two, and Shrine at MGM Grand. Oh! And it's also my dad's 60th birthday that weekend, so my mom is surprising him with a birthday brunch at the place where H and I got married in 2010. Another one of my fav CT spots! :)

Miss seeing the foliage, but I do love no longer dealing with bitterly cold winters

I'm in dire need of a cookie monster ice cream fix at Rich's Farm

I also miss the Connecticut casinos... they're out in the middle of no where and are gorgeous with so much going on inside. Some of my favorite nights out were here and at Mohegan Sun.

So this is basically me right now:

Love Kermy!


  1. ah!! i am having similar luck to you right now. for my friend's birthday everyone is supposed to being going to Catalina Island (not the bahamas, but still fun) and it's the weekend of my boyfriend's cousin's wedding in PA! i guess if these are our biggest problems we are doing pretty damn good...right? haha

  2. What a bummer! That's too bad :( I'm sure y'all will have a blast at the wedding but it's too bad to miss out on a FREE cruise.

    Those shoes are TOO cute by the way!

  3. Oh no!! It will definitely help to think of all the things to look forward to when you go to CT! Especially since you haven't been in a while!