Favorite Summer Beverages

Now that summer has been in full force and beach parties, pool parties, and BBQ's have been going on I've had my fair share of summer adult beverages :-P

Some of them are tried and true and others have been newbies this year so I thought I'd share my thoughts on what I've been consuming. 

My favs:

My all time favorite no matter what time of year is Skinny Girl Margarita

....and keeping in line with my love for Skinny Girl, I also love the following deliciousness:

Skinny Girl White Peach Margarita
Skinny Girl Pina Colada

Skinny Girl Sangria... so refreshing!

Skinny Girl White Cranberry Cosmo

Bud Light Lime is one of my favorite beers especially at the beach

I also love Mich Ultra Lime Cactus and Raspberry Pomegranate 

and who doesn't like the occasional fruity concoction of yumminess?

Mmm Bahama Mamas

The ok's:

As I mentioned last week I enjoyed the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita until I saw that those little 8 oz. cans pack a whopping 220 calories a pop! 

Blue Margaritas.. again I love them but know they are a waistline buster

Mich Ultra Light Cider, it's delicious but too sweet to have more than one or two at a time.

.....and one of my all time favorite summer drinks (which is kid friendly too!) is a root beer float.

Light vanilla ice cream and diet root beer make this a guilt free treat ;)

What do you enjoy to drink during the summer months or anytime?


  1. i love bud light lime...so refreshing! sometimes my friends and i make white wine spritzers by the pool..kinda old lady, but kinda fabulous...get some 2 buck chuck and some diet lemon lime soda and you are guilt free and good to go!

  2. yummmy! I was about to buy the skinnygirl vodka the other day but none of the flavors seemed to good.. idk we will see! let me know if you try it!

  3. Love this post! And now I feel like I need to have all of the Skinny girl drinks in my fridge! I just tried the Lime a Rita's on Friday and it was ok. I'd rather just have a BLL. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Well look at that, we like the same drinks! :) I didn't know I wasn't following you until now! So I fixed that little problem and followed. I just wanted to thank you for the comments you leave on my blog. They really do make me smile and I appreciate you!

    Lady Million