It's Ok Thursday

Happy Friday Eve! Linking up with the fabulous Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Ok Thursday.

It's Ok That...

~ Right when I was about to give up on Gossip Girl, I got sucked right back in. 

~ I placed a VS order so I could get the free beach towel! Well, I also needed to stock up for Jamaica, but I also wanted that towel :-P

~ I feel like I need the "cup case" that Pink Lou Lou posted about for traveling. Must have!

~ I've been slacking lately on watching Netflix. It's time I start utilizing this convenient service I've been paying for!

~ I have a hankering to go back to Vegas after Pamela's post from her recent trip there for a bachelorette.

~ I've been looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday since Monday morning. 

~ H and I enjoy teasing Roxy by knocking on the door to get her going/barking. Too adorable!

~ I use hand sanitizer after touching everything (except for at home of course) I'm talking about doorknobs in public places, shaking someone's hand, etc..


  1. i was going to give up on GG too, but got sucked back in. next year is their last season though thank goodness! it's just getting so ridiculous!

  2. "I've been looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday since Monday morning". Amen sister.

  3. New follower here! I 100% agree with the gossip girl one. The past few episodes have been so intense!

  4. I've been eyeing those cup cases too! And I'm so bad about ordering from VS just to get the product they're giving away. They sure do know how to make me spend my money!