It was an Outdoor Lovin' Kinda Weekend

So much can happen in one little weekend, it's crazy! I had a great weekend with H, plus I was reminded again and again how incredibly lucky I am to have such amazing friends and family that love us so much back in CT. I miss you guys more than you'll ever know! If it wasn't for such amazing support and love, it wouldn't have been as comical but more hurtful to be amazed yet again. I've been left speechless on a number of occasions by someone who I thought I was growing close to. I completely agree with the phrase.. fool me/hurt me once shame on it again and shame on me. Well, shame on me!

On a much more positive note.. H and I had a fabulous weekend! I picked up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II on my lunch break on Friday and as of right now I've already watched it twice :-P

Friday night we went to a fundraiser that H's work hosted/sponsored. It was so much fun! There were several booths from different restaurants with amazing food. open bar, live music, black jack, and it was set outside on a lake, except the casino tables were inside. It was such a beautiful setting, and we had a great time with great people.

I wore my new gold sequined top with my gold heels from VS, but I was shameful to all my CT peeps back up north. It was maybe in the 60's outside that night and I was sooo cold I kept my cardigan on all night and kept hanging out by the space heaters! *Hides in corner in shame*

I tried matching my eyes to my top using my UD Naked Palette. I used sidecar all over, then half baked on the inner corners, smog on the outer corners, and then I swept virgin over it and brought it up to my eyebrows. This pic doesn't do it justice.. *sigh*

The guys tried teaching us to play blackjack. I played back in CT during trips to Mohegan Sun, but it's been a while and was kinda sad.. 

These may or may not have been a bad idea 0:-)

We spent yesterday afternoon relaxing and watching Deathly Hallows (again) and then got ready to go to my co-worker's 40th b-day party. 

It was nice getting to know some of my co-workers better and their spouses. 

Today was a beautiful day outside. We went to Lowes and picked up some more gardening tools and a new hose so H could wash my car. We worked on our landscaping in the front and H started putting Christmas lights on the palm trees, although I told him we're not lighting them until after Thanksgiving! Counting down the days until we go away for Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, Christmas specials, decorations, and of course flying back to CT to see everyone. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. you look so cute! and i love your eyes and that ud palette is fabulous, i use it alllll the time.

  2. Awww thanks hun! I've been experiencing a lot more lately with my Naked Palette on my own lately and I'm loving the results! :0)