Halloween Baby Shower Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend! I spent Friday evening handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, finishing up projects, and baking for my friend's baby shower at the house the next day. A far cry from dressing up and going to an annual Halloween party, but I enjoyed every second of it. Wine, baking, and handing out candy to the kiddos was the perfect night in.

My tuckered out girl who was exhausted from barking at the doorbell "answering the door" all night.

Saturday, was the co-ed Halloween baby shower at the house per request of the glowing momma-to-be since it's her favorite holiday. I was nervous about finding that fine line between decorating for Halloween and a baby shower without it being too scary or cheesy. So, I went with the "Little Pumpkin" theme. 

Since there were about 60 people who RSVP'd yes, I was at a loss for what I could do for Halloween themed affordable favors. So, I took to Pinterest *of course* and saw an idea for mini-marshmallows as "Ghost Poop", chocolate chips as "Witches Warts", candy corn as "Jack-o-lantern Teeth", and Golden Grahams as "Monster Scabs". 

I wanted to make sure the momma-to-be had a fancy fun drink, so I made a batch of "Preggatinis" which were made with sparkling cider, OJ, and grenadine. 

*Kid-friendly drink tub*

*Spider Eggs*

Happy parents-to-be

Me and the glowing momma

On the menu:

~ Spider eggs (powdered donut holes)
~ BBQ chicken dip in the crockpot
~ Veggie pumpkin out of baby carrots and cucumber slices
~ Mini pot pies made by Emily
~ Salad from Panera
~ Grapes speared into a pumpkin
~ Cheese cubes
~ Pumpkin spice cupcakes
~ Halloween shaped sugar cookies
~ Pumpkin pie dip with gingersnaps
~ Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie
~ Main cake which was french vanilla and pumpkin spice

Such a great day, but Sunday was spent relaxing and cleaning up before going out for a friend's b-day dinner.

Champs is always a good idea even on the chilliest night so far this fall, first time whipping out my new scarf and boots for the season.

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  1. What a sweet shower, you went into so much detail! Your friend must have loved it :) And that sounds like a great Halloween night to me, I wish we got trick-or-treaters!

  2. Your shower decor and favors were great. Looks like a fun time.

  3. OMG you did an amazing job with that shower! Everything is perfect! And I love the Halloween theme, so cute! What a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Oh my goodness what cute ideas for the shower! I love the pumpkin with the grapes! Looks like you had a great weekend!


  5. You did such a fantastic job with all the details with the shower - the cake was amazing and then that cute pumpkin with grapes - amazing!!! Sounds like the perfect weekend girl!!

  6. OMG the shower came out amazingly!! Big claps girl, everything looks amazing and the little pumpkin theme is brilliant!

  7. What a wonderful baby shower! Love the theme. That cake looks amazing!!

  8. oh this baby shower looks perfect!! I love all the little details! Way to go!

  9. You did a great job! The devil is in the details and you nailed it! Not cheesy - perfect! The cake is gorgeous and I love your pregatinis! So cool!

  10. You did such a great job with the shower! The food and drinks were amazing and that cake was way too adorable! Huge success and I'm sure the soon-to-be parents are so happy and thankful!!

  11. That cake looks amazing! Love the pumpkin theme. The veggie pumpkin was so cute! Great job!

  12. That shower was just the cutest! The cake is just adorable!
    xo Southern Style

  13. You did an AMAZING job!! The preggatinis look awesome and I love how there's also some alcohol there, just in case ;) I love the favor ideas and all of the food was so festive. Great job!

  14. That is such a cute idea! It looks great!

  15. Without seeing this I couldn't have imagined a Halloween themed baby shower, but I love it! So creative!

  16. That cake is to die for! I wouldn't be surprised if you found it around Pinterest somewhere :)

  17. Looks like you had a fun filled weekend! I love all the baby shower Halloween decor!

    Showered With design

  18. Great job on the shower! It turned out so well! xo

  19. Omg that is the cutest thing I've seen! You did an amazing job with the shower. Loved how you tied in Halloween :)

    Thanks for linking up with MMG!

  20. I know who to hire now for my future baby shower LOL. Not preggers either, just saying. I love the preggatinis idea! Too cute and the ghost poop was funny.

    You looked amazing!!

    Thanks for linkin' up.

  21. Wow! This is a very interesting theme for a bridal shower. Everything here looks perfect, the cake, the decorations and the mommy to be, I really liked her dress, she looks very pretty in it. I am also planning to book an event venue Atlanta for my sister’s bridal shower, I can go for this theme too!