Bright Lights Paris

Once I heard about this book by Angie Niles, I knew I had to immediately scoop it up. It's described as a life changing journey with a fashion insider through the neighborhoods of Paris, and become the most glamorous girl in town without even trying. The description couldn't have been more right, and the book drew me in right from the beginning with it's beautifully textured cover. It's the kind of book that brings you to a place where you're sipping on champagne, sampling colorful macarons, and shopping at luxurious boutiques.
Each chapter was broken down to highlight the different Parisian neighborhoods where the author highlighted how the girls in the different neighborhoods dress, where they like to eat and shop, and where the best spots are for picnics or drinks. Below, I'll highlight my favorite parts of each chapter with the spots I'll be sure to hit up on my next trip across the pond. *All descriptions taken right from the book are italicized.*

L'avenue 41, Avenue Montaigne
Inside it's a chic scene of fashion power lunches, and out on the terrace you'll find relaxed Parisians enjoying their meal in the sunshine. 
Louis Vuitton 22, Avenue Montaigne
Parisians skip the tourist-filled flagship on the Champs-Elysees and instead shop at the much quieter gem on Montaigne for their signature handbags and leather goods.
Maison de la Truffle 14, Rue Marbeuf
When it comes to food, there aren't many ingredients more decadent than fresh white or black truffles shaved onto a dish of creamy linguini pasta. Trocadero ladies stop in for lunch or to pick up gourmet truffle gifts for a friend's housewarming party.
La Maison de L'aubrac 37, Rue Marbeuf
Stop by for a late dinner at this nightly gathering place for chefs and night owls. Known for their signature steak dishes, the owner receives high quality beef from his family cattle farm in the countryside region of Aubrac.
Saint James Paris 43, Avenue Bugeaud
When Trocadero ladies need an escape without leaving the city they head to the only chateau hotel in Paris. Whether they're enjoying brunch or a glass of rose champagne in the dreamy garden, tea in the library bar, or a full day of pampering at Le Spa Guerlain, they can always be sure of a decadent day.
Bubbly Day Trip
Trocadero girls love a life of luxury, and there's nothing quite as luxurious as a glass of bubbly champagne. When she wants an escape from Paris, Epernay is her first choice for an afternoon of bubbly and fine dining. They most often visit the famous "coutoure" houses of champagne - Moet and Chandon.

Place de la Concorde
One of the most grand and beautiful squares in Europe. You may recognize the fountains of gold dolphins and mermen where Anne Hathway tossed her cell phone in the water in The Devil Wears Prada.
Laduree 16-18, Rue Royale
You'll have pastel dreams in pastry heaven at one of Paris' most special tea salons. Leave with beautiful candles, specialty macaron items, and a variety of sweet and decadent pastries.
Chanel 31, Rue Cambon
The flagship boutique, the couture atelier, and the space of Coco Chanel's apartment. Even if you aren't able to purchase a handbag, go in to purchase a fragrance just so you can walk out with the signature black and white shopping bag.
La Corte 320, Rue Saint-Honore
Tucked in a courtyard down a cobblestone alley, you'll find Tuileries girls enjoying a homemade Italian meal. 
Printemps 64, Boulevard Haussman
This impressive shop boasts a 7,500 sq. ft. shoe department with the best selection of designer, contemporary, and less expensive brands. Top by L'Atelier Repetto to design your own custom pair with choice of 252 colors in lambskin leather, a selection of border and lace colors, and the option of having your initials printed on the inside. 
In the northwestern section of Montorgueil is some of the best shopping Paris has to offer, with multi-brand boutiques you'll never find in the U.S. and a block full of "Frenchies" (cafe, wine bar, and restaurant). 
Le Garde Robe 41, Rue De I'Arbre Sec
Neighborhood bar a vin includes mostly natural wines available by the glass or bottle. You can order a plate of charcuterie and cheese or a fresh vegetable platter. If you don't finish your bottle, they'll let you take it with you so nothing goes to waste.
Christian Louboutin 19, Rue Jean-Jacques Rouseeau
No explanation necessary - the flagship of our favorite Parisian red-soled shoe.
Fifi Chachnil 68, Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Walk through a tiny courtyard to this retro lingerie boutique and behold glamorous styles inspired by 1950's pinup girls. You'll feel girly and feminine, and won't leave without at least one matching set.
Lower Marais
Bazaar de I'Hotel de Ville (BHV) 52, Rue de Rivoli
This department store is your resource for just about anything you could ever possibly need in Paris. Think of it as a Bloomingdales, Target, Duane Reade, and Home Depot all in one. 
Papier + 9, Rue du Pont Louis-Phillippe
The French still have a strong appreciation and love for letter writing. Lower Marais girls stop by Papier + for handmade notebooks, paper, and note cards to carry on the tradition. 
Upper Marais
Lily of the Valley 12, Rue Dupetit Thouars
Parisian girls can't stay away from this lovely and tiny tea salon. As you enter Lily's secret garden, you'll be surrounded by flowers from the tapestry, wallpaper accents, and even flowers hanging from the ceiling. Enjoy her selection of fine teas and homemade breads.
Breizh Cafe 109, Rue Vieille du Temple
The Upper Marais girl's go-to for the best crepes in Paris. You're in for a treat with their homemade salted caramel sauce and melted Valrhona chocolate. Savory ingredients such as artisanal hams, herring roe, creme fraiche, and scallops create the perfect light and savory lunch.
Belle de Jour 7, Rue Tardieu
Step into this beautiful art nouveau boutique where they sell and restore vintage perfume bottles, powder boxes, and other scent-related accessories.
Cinema Studio 28 10, Rue Tholoze
Montmartre's vintage cinema, where Cocteau films premiered in the 1940's, now shows current and vintage films. Ladies of Montmartre go early to have tea in the secret terrace cafe.
Canal Saint-Martin
Gare Du Nord 18, Rue de Dunkerque
When Parisians want to head out to Northern France or London, they head to Gare Du Nord. This stunning train station with a glass roof was the location where Blair Waldorf said goodbye to Chuck Bass in an episode of Gossip Girl. xoxo
A Bastille Day Picnic
Host a picnic with friends, drink (a lot) of French wine, and play a few games of petanque which is a game similar to bocce.
Latin Quarter
Franc Pinot de I'lle Saint-Louis 1, Quai de Bourbon
As this favorite jazz bar of Parisians who like keeping away from the crowds, there is a restaurant upstairs and a jazz bar and lounge in the basement. Right on the water and away from the busy city streets, it boasts interesting decor with mannequin heads and feet poking out from the walls and ceilings.
Kilometre Zero
Search the ground just in front of the entrance of the Notre Dame. When you see someone taking a photo of a bronze star, you've found it. It marks the official center of the city and the point where all distances in France are measured from.
Marche aux Fleurs Place Louis-Lepine
One of Latin Quarter girl's favorite places to wander through in Paris - a daily flower market that has been open since 1830. A fragrant and colorful collection of orchids, seasonal flowers, and plants has an even better surprise on Sunday when it's flooded with birds chirping the day away.
Bar du Marche 75, Rue de Seine
Their signature red and white striped awning welcomes Parisians to this fun pedestrian street full of cafes and bars. By far the standout spot on the block, this bar is a favorite meeting point to start a night with drinks and a tasty side of French fries before dinner.
The French Macaron Challenge 
Currently, one of the most talked about food competitions is definitely Laduree vs. Pierre Herme macarons. Laduree has more classic flavors like raspberry, vanilla, and chocolate while Pierre Hereme flavors walk a bit on the wild side like olive oil with mandarin, chocolate and foie gras. 
Eggs & Co 11, Rue Bernard Palissy
Serving eggs all day, seven days a week, they offer your choice of fluffy omelettes or perfectly poached, scrambled, or fried eggs with many meat and veggie options mixed in or on the side. It's a small cafe, so with brunch this delicious, you need a reservation on the weekends. 
Champ De Mars
Coutume Cafe 47, Rue de Babylone
One of Paris' first of now many high-quality coffee shops, this is where Champ de Mars women stop in for coffee and to read the morning paper. It's a crowded spot for brunch on the weekends, and they're known for their delectable breakfast burrito. 
Cyrillus 11/13, Avenue Duquesne
Imagine if there were a French version of J Crew. Imagine no longer - here it is. This casual and versatile collection is French fashion for the entire family.
The French Cheese Plate 
In traditional French restaurants, they bring out an entire cheese plate and leave it with your table. Cheeses are arranged clockwise from mildest to strongest and most often begin with chevre and end with blue cheese. Choose 3-4 cheeses to cut from and cut them presentably so you don't leave the plate in a mess for the next person. 


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