Cheers to Friday

Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to another beautiful weekend.....

1.) I still can't believe I won Chelsea's giveaway and am the proud new owner of a HANAair dryer. (Review coming shortly!)

My beautiful package arrived on Monday, and I couldn't believe how many other gifts were hidden inside including shine serum, a super soft teddy bear, eye lash curler, eye shadow, lip liner brush, hand sanitizer, and flowers.

2.) Popcorn and wine were a necessity on Tuesday for our movie night watching American Hustle.

3.) Dunkin Donuts celebrated the beginning of spring on Wednesday by giving away free small iced coffees. Of course, I took part due to my love of spring and warmer temps and coffee.

4.) Chose some paint chips to make some more headway on bringing color into our home. (The whole house was painted the same cream color and so far we have painted the kitchen, master bedroom, and dining room). Next up, is the family room and master closet.

I originally wanted to go with a nice blue for the family room, but two things are making me sway more towards a dark neutral color. The first being that it will blend into the kitchen area which is a deep red, and I don't think I'll like the blue and red next to each other and think a neutral color will compliment the red more. The second reason is that we finally got curtains hung up in the family room around Christmas time, and they are a turquoise blue color, and I think that the 2 different shades of blue will clash. Am I over-thinking this? Which would you choose?

I had my heart set on a deep purple for the master closet, as we went with a neutral gray in the master bedroom. H promised me I could make the closet "girly" by painting it any color I liked as well as getting a chandelier. So excited! However, now I'm also considering a "Tiffany Blue" color. Which would you choose?

Decisions decisions...

5.) Planning fun things to do while my parents are here visiting in a few weeks.

Food Trucks & Live Music

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival (and drinks around the world of course)

Day at the springs

Linking up for the first time today with April for 5 on Friday and Lauren for High Five on Friday. Hop on over and join us!


  1. a fresh coat of paint really does wonders for the house/room. i'm terrible at colors so i let my husband do all of that. and yay for winning such a great giveaway!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm trying to decide what colors to go with right now too! :) It's so hard to pick! You should do a post all about what paints you chose! I think we are going to do a greige in our bedroom, I'm really liking that color right now.

    Sweet Southern Sparkle

  3. Okay so funny story, after you posted that picture on Instagram about DD giving away free small iced coffees, I texted my husband and told him since he works right by a DD. He called me after lunch and said that he went in there and asked for his free coffee and they had no idea what he was talking about!! He said it was so awkward and they told him "we don't just give away free coffee, you have to buy it." Hahaha so funny!

  4. Congrats on that perfect giveaway!! Can't wait to hear your review!! I love epcot - such a fun place!!

  5. You definitely just inspired me to get Dunkin - but picking paint colors is so hard! I'm 8 months into my new home and still can't commit to one!

  6. I am loving the tiffany blue idea for the master closet, I would for sure pick that and the chandelier would look so perfect!

  7. Congrats on winning! How awesome! I love the idea of the neutral color for the family room especially if the red in next to it. I think the purple might be too dark so the Tiffany blue sounds really pretty and will make it nice and bright. So many decisions.