What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy first day of February and Happy Hump Day! We're halfway there! Time for my weekly link up with Jamie from This Kind of Love

I'm loving that the Super Bowl is in 4 days and counting!! I love football, and as sad as I am that the season is almost over, I'm always pumped for the Super Bowl!

I'm loving that H and I have FINALLY started planning our Housewarming Party. Yeah.. we moved into our house in late June/early July last year and still haven't had it. To our defense... we were waiting until we furnished the house more and last week we decided who cares! If we wait until the house is the way we want it, we'll NEVER have the party! So hopefully no one cares that all that's in the living room is a few sconces on the wall and a plant in the corner.. and that half the bedrooms are empty. But there are couches in the family room to sit on :-P

I'm loving that my bf from high school will be coming down to visit with her hubs and their new son in a few weeks. Plus they'll be here for the house warming party! We saw them over Christmas, but I bet their little boy has already grown so much!

I'm loving that I finally hit 50 followers last weekend, and I promise I will be doing my giveaway soon! I just have to get my butt to the store and pick up the giveaway *slacking*.. majorly!

I'm loving my recent finds on Pinterest

2 story closet *drool*

I miss Michael Scott


I'm always loving my H

What are you loving today?


  1. LOVING your pins...especially that HP one! :-) And a 2 story closet?! Swoon!!!

  2. 2 story closet!? I die.

    You'll have to do a post about your housewarming party! I think we'll be doing one next month around my Spring Break. And like you, I wish we could have it fully finished/decorated but I know that won't happen for quite a while. haha

  3. I love watching the Super Bowl too!! Have you seen the Ferris Bueller spin off commercial? Or the David Beckham H&M one woow. I love that water bottle.. my love of desserts is one of the reasons I work out!!

  4. Stopping in from WILW and ooooh my gosh do I love both the pins about running! And I also miss Michael Scott. Happy Wednesday!

  5. I'll definitely do a post of the housewarming party. I'm so excited for it, but nervous at the same time for a few reasons. One being how unfurnished the house is.. we wanted the big house so we could grow into it and it would be our forever house, but it'll be a while before we can fill it! I'm also nervous since we're still new around here and getting to know people, I don't feel like we really know anyone that well yet. So, it'll be interesting to see how many people show up and how the party flows. The people we have been spending time with and getting to know are awesome and we've been really enjoying ourselves lately, but there's still that feeling that we're new ya know? *sigh*

    I heard about the Ferris Bueller spin off comercial, but have yet to see it. I'll have to youtube it :0)

  6. Great posting!