Weekend House and Wardrobe Updates

Oh Sunday evening we meet again.. H and I had a relaxing weekend with absolutely nothing planned which was nice considering he has had a case of the sniffles and now I feel like he may be re-gifting it. We did some shopping and I am very happy to report I finally got a full length mirror!

Isn't it purrty? (Ignore the box and supplies in the reflection)

One of our neighbors came over to help H hang it up since the supplies it came with of course didn't work. So they went to Lowes together and got some hanging wire and voila it worked! 

I'm excited because I've needed a full length mirror for what seems like forever. I haven't been able to visualize my entire outfit with my shoes and everything in so long. Plus it'll be nice for OOTD's (outfits of the day) I've never done OOTD posts on here because I didn't want to post my top half and then a shot of my shoes which is what I've been doing for my OOTD posts on the Fashion & Beauty Board on The Nest, and it's just lackluster to say the least. I'm super excited to come down the stairs tomorrow for work and see the full effect of my outfit.. finally! 

I also have been looking for a pair of cognac riding boots, but refuse to pay the $150-$200+ pricetag I've been seeing on most boots that I've liked. H and I are on a stricter budget since we're trying to do a lot of stuff for our new house. And my thing is I want something cheap without it looking too cheap, so I saw some at Old Navy last weekend and thought they were really cheap looking, but then I found some at Target this weekend on sale (double score!)  for $30! They don't look high quality or anything, but they also don't look like something I picked up off the clearance rack at Walmart. So, I picked up a pair and they should get the job done.

You can find the boots here

Not too shabby! :-P

I just really wanted a casual pair of boots that'll look great with everything.. jeans, leggings, blacks, browns, etc.. 

I also was inspired by Pinterest this weekend and decided to do something with my makeup brushes. 

I had already been using this vase for my brushes, but I didn't like that they were always falling over and it was hard to find a certain brush when I needed it. So, after seeing a picture on Pinterest where someone used a vase filler to keep their brushes standing straight up, I was hooked. I realized that's what they use at the Sephora stores to keep the brushes standing upright, but it never occurred to me to use the technique at home. 


  1. Love the blog! Every girl NEEDS a full length mirror... I absolutely love how you did those make up brushes. I think you have inspired me to do the same...Thanks girlie!! :) xoxo

  2. I need a full length mirror AND to do that brush holder idea! Yay!

    Hope you had a great weekend! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  3. I really need a full length mirror! That's a must for me when we move into our house :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm LOVING the full length mirror! It's about time!!

    @Melanie.. I'm also loving the set up for my makeup brushes too. It's so much more accessible and it looks prettier too :0)

  5. I am so in need of a full length mirror also. Love the one you got.